Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Journey to Gettysburg

I am the type of person who has trouble meditating while sitting still. I seem to do my best nonphysical journeys into the Other Realms while exercising. One morning on the eliptical machine I took an incredible journey into nonphysical reality. Why it is so easy to journey while my body is doing something else is somthing I haven’t figured out yet, but I say.. whatever works…

Anyway, I asked my Angels and Power Animals to assist me on a trip my husband Clay and I were taking up to Gettysburg, PA. I wanted to assist the energy there in some way or at least be aware of the energy in that place. Known as the most haunted town in the USA, I wanted to be able to discern some of the paranormal and assist if possible. I noticed I had three of my power animals with me on this trip and I found myself on a piece of land which I assumed was a battlefield. I felt great sorrow on the land and then a Voice spoke to me and said… the civil war was not the first sorrow here. The Native American Spirits have been grieving on this land far before the civil war happened. The land itself is grieving and the blood that was lost here remains in the land and the thoughts and feelings of those who lost their lives here is still in the blood, still grieving and feeling the trauma of the devastation here. And I said, what can I do? In my meditation, I felt I needed to apologize to the land for the mindset that created so much devastation and to send healing energy into the land itself. Mother Earth had absorbed so much blood and so much sorrow in that place and the Spirits of those who lost their lives still wandered around grieving also. So in my journey I layed on the land and sent healing energy into the ground and my Power Animals also walked the land and there were also some Native American Spirits who filled the land with love and together we absorbed some of the energy of grief. Then I saw some soldiers standing around watching and they said to me… I cannot love.. I cannot feel love or allow it in. I am in too much pain. I am afraid to let love in. And I said to them, by not allowing love you lose. Your loved ones are waiting to welcome you on the other side where there is light and love all around and the grief will be absorbed and you will feel pain and loss no more. Then there was the light and I felt that some of the soldiers there crossed over and there was great joy and the Angels rejoiced and welcomed them home. At the end of this there was great joy but exhaustion also.

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