Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Angels and other stuff

A few days ago a new friend who I met on Facebook who I have never actually met ( I think she lives in England) told me that the Angels wanted to use me to give messages to people and that They would reveal to me exactly how this was to occur. It is interesting that I received this message since it is the second time I have heard this in the past couple of months. Susan Lynn, my friend and spiritual advisor, also told me the same thing back in August. At the time I was not sure how to fit this into my life, and Susan suggested I start blogging. I know that the messages that I receive are not coming from me, and that I am inspired to write what I do. I am excited that the
Angels have chosen me to spread inspiration and I am learning to open up the communication lines even more so that I can accurately put what they are telling me into words.

Sometimes I am not so sure that I am supposed to write what they have told me. I am learning to listen and open up the lines of communication. Yesterday I asked the Angels what I could do to insure that the vibration was clear and that I was hearing correctly and They said to me, Just make sure your energy is light and that you are focused on Love and Light, and whatever comes through will bring life to whomever you are focused on.

The past couple of weeks work has gotten in the way of any communication. I have worked many hours of overtime due to the Post Office being my main means of supporting myself and of course, this is the busy time of year at the Post Office. However, I have found that I can still offer love and light while busy at work. I was not able to blog as much, but I was able to offer help to many people while mailing their packages and helping them with their Postal issues. Many of us think we cannot be of any spiritual use while working on non spiritual jobs but I beg to differ. Many people that will never go to a spiritual advisor will cross our paths while we are working normal jobs. I focus love and light into every piece of mail that is put into my hands and send loving energy to every person’s eyes I look into. We can be messengers of Love and Light from the Angels and Higher Realms no matter what our job or station in life.

Remember especially at this time of year that we are all given a gift to give mankind. Only we can do that special thing that is ours and ours alone. Believe that you have a special gift to offer the world and it will be revealed to you what it is. Never be afraid just to be a conduit of love and light to the every day people that cross your path. Someone may need the love that is within you just to help them get through the day.


  1. Love this!!! I'm right there with you. Always nice to know that others share your own experience and ways of being/thinking. Thank you for your openness and light. God bless. :)

  2. oops.... didn't know I was signed on under husband's account.....