Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Letting Go

As the year comes to a close and my thoughts are turning to the New Year, I am thinking about the things in life that need to be released and the things that I would like to attract into my life. Most of the things are not physical things or people by any means. At this point in my life I am happy with the life I have created. However, I frequently feel deep down that there is something more I have not discovered yet, and this is what I would like to attract. I believe that we all emit a particular vibration and it is this vibration that brings people and events into our lives and also it is this vibration that causes them to go away. What would I like to release? I would like to release the need to fix everything that I think is broken, especially things that are not my responsibility to fix ( I get this from my mom!). I would like to take every day as it comes, and not have a preordained plan that when that plan gets messed up, my whole day goes up in smoke. I would like to release the need to be in control all of the time. I would like to release the need to beat myself up if I do not live up to the expectation that I have set up for myself. I would like to let go of clutter. I would like to let go of the need to keep something because I might need it someday.

Obviously this list could go on and on. Today I am just going to work on one thing. As usual, I have made a list too long to possibly accomplish in one swooping motion.

As you ponder the end of one year and the beginning of the next one, realize that it is not the things outside of yourself that are causing you pain. It is that nagging little voice on the inside that tells you you are not good enough, or that your problems would be solved if so and so would change or if you had more money or a better job. Resolve to let go of that inner critic and love yourself for who you are.

If we learn to love ourselves, faults and all, and release our need to always be in control and good enough for some unattainable standard, then life becomes a joy to live and those around us will notice the change!! Our personal vibrations will rise to a new level and the events around us will reflect the change inside.

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