Friday, December 4, 2009

You are My Obsession

Just a silly little quick blog today about a meditation I had while on the elliptical machine this morning. I like to meditate while on the elliptical machine because my hands and feet are stationary and I can close my eyes without worrying about falling off or running into something…

Anyway, I had my music on that is conducive to elliptical machines and going really fast. Sometimes if I get really deep into a meditation I won’t even hear the music anymore but in this case the song came on You Are My Obsession. At the moment of my meditation I was face to face with some Higher Beings, all in White. I was thinking maybe Mother and Father God but maybe just a couple of High Beings of Light. I was feeling so much love and light and so I said to them.. You are my obsession…and they said back to me…. no, you don’t understand… you are our obsession!! Wow!! What a revelation!!

They said to me… don’t you understand.. it is through you that we see and hear and feel the physical realm… we feel fear when you feel fear. We feel love when you feel love. We feel pain and joy and all of the emotions that make you human and alive when you feel them. This is as much of an adventure to us as it is to you…..

Then and there I knew that I would never feel alone again or that I didn’t have direction or purpose. There is so much I don’t know and life is such an exciting adventure!! And there are Those Beings on the Other Side that are always there with me, feeling the feelings I feel and experiencing life along with me….

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  1. Beautiful! You got it exactly! Love and light to you