Sunday, December 27, 2009

Journey to Regain My Voice

Recently I was doing a journey into non physical reality and I really had no intention for my journey in mind. I like to journey with my guides and power animals on a regular basis just to keep myself fresh. I asked my guides where we were going this time and they told me we were going to get my voice back. I had no idea that my voice needed to be rescued so this was a bit of a surprise to me. My guides told me that frequently in my past the things I said were not listened to or valued and because of this my voice had run off to the land of lost soul parts. My voice was a piece of my soul that had not felt valued and so had run off. This had happened several times during this lifetime and also in a previous life as well. We came to the river in non physical reality that separates us from the land of lost soul parts and so we got into a canoe and traveled across a river. When we came to the land, I noticed that it was a desolate place with hardly any trees or living things there. I had been there once before to retrieve a lost soul part so I was a bit familiar with this place. So I called out to the part of myself that had run there and immediately made a connection. I asked the part of myself that had run there to remind me of the things that had occurred to make her run away. She took me back to a time during my past when I was a member of a church and had received some messages that were not listened to. At that time I was receiving many messages but most of the time when I conveyed the messages I got a pat on the back or sometimes even a reprimand. At one point I was told not to give any more messages unless I ran it by the pastors of the church first. I had been devastated and soon after left the church and subsequently stopped receiving messages. So I told my lost voice that things were different now. I was not going to be intimidated anymore from giving messages and I am learning that I do indeed have things to say that some may find helpful. My voice agreed to return but told me that there had been more times in the past when my voice had not been heard and that I needed to go back and retrieve those parts as well. So in my journey I began to recall instances in my past when I had felt that I was not heard. My guides eventually led me to a point in a previous life when evidently I had voiced some unacceptable words in that time period and I could see a large man come after me with a large knife and evidently he had the intention of cutting my vocal chords or maybe cutting my throat. I asked my angels what I could do to stop this from happening. He was very large and powerful and I was no match for his strength. My guides said to me… look behind you!! I looked behind me and saw several huge Angels many times larger than I was and the large man was no match for these Angels. I was no longer afraid and when the man came toward me with his huge knife I raised my hand to him and told him that he could no longer intimidate me. I told him that he had no power to silence me any longer and from this day forward my voice would be heard.

I have read many thoughts on past lives and one of the theories is that previous lives occur simultaneous to this one. Time is not linear like we think it is but all of our lives occur at the same time. If this is the case then I may have actually been able to change an event in my past that now changes everything from there forward. It is similar to the movie Back to the Future when an event was changed in the past and when the main character came back to his present day life everything had changed. In my experience I came back to present time and things were the same physically but I had changed. I am still learning to speak up when I have valuable things to say but I feel that a part of myself is now there with me, backing me up and encouraging me to speak the things that are in my heart.

I guess my reason for conveying this story is to suggest that there are many parts of ourselves that we have forgotten about that perhaps have retreated away from our conscious reality for one reason or another. As we progress in our lives and evolve into the person we hope to become, these lost parts of ourselves will present themselves in an attempt to be reintroduced into our existence. We may not remember losing the lost parts but there is a process where we can retrieve these lost parts and integrate them back into our lives. There are many ways to do this. My way was to journey into nonphysical reality and recover my lost parts. As we learn to value ourselves these lost parts of ourselves will desire to come back and will present themselves to us. We must learn to open our arms to ourselves and welcome these lost parts back home.

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