Thursday, December 31, 2009

New Years Hopes and Dreams

Tonight is New Year's Eve and it is also what is known as a blue moon. This is the second full moon in December, and I am told that the blue moon is in Cancer which represents birth and new life. What a great combination!! The New Year is always full of thoughts of change and new things and somehow we hope that the next year will be better than the past one. Today while at work and then afterward I kept my thoughts on my hopes and dreams for the new year but also kept in mind that things are just fine just the way they are. It is a fine line between expectations and dreaming dreams for the future!!

What do I hope for in the future? I hope that I may connect more with the Divine within myself and also in the Higher Realms. I hope that I may spread joy and hope for those who have lost their own connection and assist others in reconnecting to the Divine within themselves. I am hoping for great things for my loved ones of course, that all they hope and dream for will come to pass and that they may live lives of contentment and joy.

I wrote previously about expectations and that my hope is that I will find contentment in the now and not get all caught up in expecting something to be different from what it is. I hope to be able to put this into practice more. I am learning to be content no matter what is occurring. I am finding joy in such things as shoveling snow, believe it or not. I know that I am evolving because I have always hated winter and snow and anything cold. I loved taking the Christmas decorations down and even getting the boxes out from under the house when it was 24 degrees outside with a windchill of "hell has officially frozen over"......

So, yes, I am looking forward to the New Year and I am excited to be birthing new things in my life but I am also quietly content with things just exactly the way they are. My hope for anyone reading this is that you find joy in the little things. Don't get your expectations for the New Year to be followed by disappointment when the reality of the New Year isn't exactly what you planned. Just enjoy every moment and don't waste all the little moments waiting for the big ones. Don't wish you were somewhere else doing something else. Enjoy where you are.

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