Sunday, November 29, 2009

Traffic Jam

And now comes the busy time of year. There are presents to buy, trees to decorate, cards to write, pictures to take, parties to plan, schedules to coordinate, and not to mention, I work at the Post Office. I also try to call my dad and my daughter every day, go to the gym, meditate, and now I have committed myself to occasionally writing a blog. My mind and my schedule have been stacked full to say the least, and then I have my Inner Self knocking on my door, saying, Excuse me,I would like some of your time as well.

I have a tendency to pack my days off from work with all the things I can’t seem to find time to do during the week, and I rarely get everything done on my list. So today while I was in transit from one task to another, my Higher Powers seemed to indicate to me to take a different route to a destination than I normally take. Was I avoiding some unknown accident or incident? No, I drove right into a major traffic jam in which in about three miles I passed three accidents. It took me three times as long to get to where I was going. Was this some joke on the part of my Guides? Was I just not in tune today and not listening when they told me to take a different route? Hmmmmm… I don’t think so. I really think They were sitting up on a cloud somewhere laughing at me. Now I was forced to sit and wait. I was forced to just be….

My husband pointed out to me that had I listened to him we would already be at our destination. Hmmm… true, I said, but we can be thankful that it wasn’t us in the accidents….(no one was hurt in any of them, by the way, just people in a hurry to get home after a holiday weekend)…..and we can be thankful that it is a nice warm day and we can sit and enjoy the sunshine with our windows down.

We finally got to where we were going and we got most of the stuff done that we had intended. I think my Guides are trying to teach me that I need a balance between doing, and having and being. My doing and my having sometimes get more attention than my being. Sitting in the car today I got to experience being. If I don’t make time for just being in my busy schedule, then the Universe will orchestrate it so that I do have time.

Life gives us everything we need. It may not be what we want, but if we look for the gift in the experience, we will find that it was something we need. Today I apparently needed to sit in traffic. During that time I experienced a moment of time with my husband and my stepdaughter when we were not doing anything but just sitting together, observing life, enjoying the sunshine, and waiting.

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