Saturday, February 22, 2014

The Year of the Chariot

Back in January, I posted a blog about the energy shift I had been sensing. I mentioned that in the tarot, universally we are experiencing the year of the chariot, which is symbolic of the energy of great movement, despite obstacles. It is a year to forge ahead, to embrace those parts of your inner psyche which would try to hold you back, and with love move forward in your life despite any fears of what that movement might generate in your life.

I want to continue this theme a bit today.

In numerology, the month of February is a month to bring things to completion. Get ready for new things next month. Adding the numbers of this year, 2+0+1+4 =7, which corresponds to the tarot card of the chariot. If you add the month of February to this, or 7+2, you will get the answer 9. Nine is a number of completion. Add to that that we are currently in a Mercury Retrograde, which is lasting most of the month of February, which affects communications, but also beckons us to look back at those communications we have had in the past and make amends when there are unfinished issues, I believe the Universe, or Spirit, or the Divine, or God, whatever your favorite name for our Higher Power, seems to be telling us that it is high time we settled some old  unfinished business, completed our unfinished projects, and got ready for new things to come in March.

Today is also the waning quarter moon. A waning moon is when the moon is going from full to dark, and symbolically, this represents that what has been in the light is now moving out of our lives. In other words, it is a really good time to let go of the past, especially those things which are no longer serving  you or creating joy in your life. From that closet full of clothes or shoes you no longer wear to the refrigerator full of yesterday's or last week's dinner, it is a really good time to clean out closets, balance your checkbook, organize your files, release anything that you no longer love. Even if it is guilt or shame, release the patterns that have created those emotions within you! I believe it is no coincidence that the new moon, which represents starting anew, and creating a new beginning, is occurring on the first day of March.

That being said, we still have about a week to complete our old projects, throw out the old things in our lives and get ready to start new things!

Here is my suggestion. Get into a quiet place, the place where you are able to connect with Spirit. Ask your Higher Powers what is no longer serving you, what you may need to release so that you can move forward in your life. Even if your closet is clean, your refrigerator spotless, and your checkbook is balanced, I am sure that we all have areas in our lives that contain remnants of past emotions, past fears, or past regrets that would serve us to release. When you are in your quiet place, write down what comes to your mind and make adjustments. Did you shortchange a grocery store clerk? Did you get short with a loved one? Did you kick the dog? Make amends! Get rid of any leftover guilt or fear from past mistakes and get ready for a new beginning in March!

In order for new things to manifest in our lives, or for us to move forward on our highest path, we have to be in a place where there are no obstacles holding us back. Sometimes our paths get blocked by debris of all kinds, and it is up to us to clear away that debris!

Just for today, I encourage you to locate and begin to remove that emotional baggage, that fear, or even that tendency to be disorganized and get ready for new things to come! If you wait, then you may not be ready for all of the wonderful things coming your way!

If you are unsure what is next for you on your path, or if you need some personal guidance from Spirit on that relationship, that goal, or the best way to move forward on your path, I encourage you to contact me and set up a personal session. I have a multitude of tools available to connect with Spirit and receive the Highest Guidance available for you at this time. If you would like to learn to connect with Spirit in a greater way yourself, I am also available to show you some tools to improve your own connection with Spirit and receive guidance for yourself. Wherever you are on your path at this time, feel free to contact me to set up a session. I am always at your service!


  1. Hi Joy, This post was spot on for me, I've been sensing all of these same themes. I read the Chariot card much like you've posted here with the addition of the idea of using intuition to guide us. I think that all fits together quite nicely! :) Using intuition to know what to let go of and what to revisit and what to get ready for...lovely post xo :)

    1. Thanks for reading Cindie! You are so right! We do have to use our intuition to guide us in what things are ready to be released. I like to use symbolism as well. Like when I throw out old food, I say, I now release any spiritual food that no longer feeds me. When I donate clothing, I say, I now release the things I have clothed myself in that no longer fit who I am at this time, etc etc...