Friday, February 14, 2014

Thoughts about Valentine's Day, the Full Moon, and Snow

Lately I have been thinking about one of my hubby love's favorite things to say to me.. "not everyone lives in Joy's world."

In Joy's world it would only snow on days I don't have any other plans.

In Joy's world the full moon would always come on a weekend, so I could stay up late and do the ceremony the right way!

In Joy's world every day would be Valentine's Day, because LOVE is the best!

I have discovered that not everyone likes Valentine's Day.

Those whose hearts are going through disappointment in matters of the heart seem to find today particularly difficult.

I have learned that some people actually like the snow. Imagine that.
If only we could realize that despite our ideas that the world truly does revolve around us, really, that is an illusion.

It is going to snow on days I have to go to work.

We can enjoy our days, no matter what day it is, what phase the moon is in, and what the weather happens to be.

I am so excited for this particular full moon. I have been sitting with the moon at each phase, and I have been feeling her growing from dark to light, and She has been telling me that it is so important to embrace all of the phases of our lives, and embrace the darkness we try to hide as well as the light parts we show to the world. She has been telling me that it is time to bring more and more of the side I try to hide out into light. That all of it is good.

So I am thinking that even though I could enjoy the snow better if I didn't have to think about getting out in it to go to work at 6a.m. I can still embrace that part of my life.

I can embrace all the phases of my life, in the same way the moon is fine with Herself whether She is full, or dark, or somewhere in between.

I can embrace every day, whether it is Valentine's Day, or Groundhog Day, or drive your car in a ditch day.. (no that didn't happen, it just came to me... must have happened to someone reading this.)

I personally love Valentine's Day. I have a wonderful hubby love, who, despite his rantings and ravings this morning at the prospect of getting me to work, got up at 4:30, shoveled while I was showering, had the car warm and ready to go, and drove me to work, (begrudgingly, but he did it, nonetheless). I know not everyone has a hubby love to do this for them, and so maybe they see Valentine's Day as a reminder of something that at the current time, they do not have in their lives.

I say, if you are alive and breathing, then Love has come to you! Divine Love is always there, and sometimes if you just change the focus from what you don't have to what you do have, you will realize how many blessings and how much love you really do have in your life!

So try this..

What are you thankful for? You can comment here and tell me what you love about today... about the full moon, Valentine's Day or the snow.. What is good about today?

My gratitude list for today...

I did not have to go out and deliver any mail.. unlike some of my coworkers, bless their hearts.
I do have a wonderful hubby love ... thank you honey for all you do and all that you are..
The things that are in my heart I do have a place to share them (here)
I have a warm home, a fireplace, food in my belly, (probably a little too much)
I have a wonderful family who I love and who I am so proud of
Spring is coming, despite appearances..


  1. I am thankful for snow days. Everyone seems to live in a fast pace world and are always on the go. This gives me the chance to stay at home with my little one with literally nothing to do and no where to go but spend quality time with her (making cupcakes, doing a fashion show, painting our nails,etc.)

    1. That sounds wonderful, Keryn! We all need to remember what it was like when we were children and just enjoy the moment, not be so concerned with "accomplishing" things. Have a wonderful day!