Saturday, February 8, 2014

Sitting With the Moon

Recently I embarked upon a new adventure. Every phase of the moon, new, full, and quarter, I have been connecting with her energy to get a feel for her energy and the differences in each stage of the cycle. Moon energy is very feminine, and centuries ago women were so in touch with the feminine aspect of her energy that even their cycles occurred in sync with the cycles of the moon. I have been feeling very drawn to the Sacred Feminine, to the extent of having connected in meditation with some of the ancient Goddesses, so this was just another step in the process.

 I will have to admit that this was not my idea. I had recently connected with my shamanic mentor, and she suggested this ritual to increase my awareness of the feminine aspect of spirituality, and to get me ready to conduct moon ceremonies.

 Each time I have connected with the moon, intense and powerful messages have come forth. I have wanted to post them on my blog, but my hesitation has been that by the time I sat down and wrote the messages and posted them, the particular phase of the moon I had connected to was over.

 Right now we are approaching a full moon. It will be full on the 14th, and we just passed the waxing quarter moon on the 6th. Each day we can see a little more of the moon as it seems to grow in size until it is full. When the moon is full we are accustomed to thinking about or doing ritual to manifest things into our lives. The moon being full represents the fullness of the light of the moon giving her energy toward our intentions. Many do rituals to manifest desires or goals.

 As I sat with the moon on the sixth, my desire was not to necessarily manifest anything. I just wanted to feel her energy, and to connect with her. I contemplated the fact that just because we could only see a portion of her, that didn't mean that the rest of the moon had gone somewhere. The moon was only showing us a portion of herself, but the rest of her, the side we couldn't see, was still there, out of view. Each day, I felt her convey to me, more and more of her was coming into view, but the fact remains that it was really there all the time.

The message that I received from Spirit in relation to this phase of the moon was that every day more and more of us are coming out into the light. The dark places inside of us are still there, but it is time to recognize that the dark side of ourselves is still a part of us, and we need to embrace all of the parts of ourselves, not just the "light" side, the side we show to the world. The moon does not reject those parts of her that are hidden from the light. She completely embraces all of the "phases" of herself. Sometimes there are parts of her that are hidden from view, but she is not ashamed of those things, those parts that she chooses not to show us. She is whole, even though it may appear to us that she is fragmented.

There comes a time when those dark things have to be brought into the light to be healed. The time for hiding parts of ourselves that do not "fit" into the image we show the world is over. We must embrace all the sides of our soul and all the "phases" of our lives.

For centuries those with healing abilities or "knowing" abilities were shunned, and even persecuted, or killed. In our "cells" we remember the pain of being rejected for our longings to help heal the world, and our fellow earth travelers. It is time to bring to the light the ways in which we judge one another, and our desires to bring healing to those who come to us. It is time to shine our lights and say that we want to help bring healing to individuals and to the planet.

The main message I got this week as I sat with the moon was that we are all one. There is no dark side and light side. Just as the dark side of the moon is the same moon as the light side, it is just not visible to us here on the earth, so it is with each of us. We each have dark sides and light sides. None of us are always on all the time. Everything has a season, and we as humans have seasons and phases as well. As we embrace those parts of our soul that have been kept in the "dark", we find that our soul heals.

Just for today, release the judgement which you have held against the dark, or hidden things. When you judge, you are focusing your energy on something, and actually giving it power. When we love those dark places, those hidden things, then the darkness loses its power. Love heals all.

Remember that I am always available to assist you as you begin to heal those dark places inside of you and bring them into the light. We as a human race seem to be racing full speed ahead, and the time of coming out into the light is approaching. It is so important to embrace all that Spirit brings to us for healing, so that we can move forward into what our souls have chosen for us to experience next!

This next week, as the full moon approaches, I suggest that you think about those things that you are trying to bring to the fullness of the light. Ask your soul or your Highest Self what is coming out into the light this week. Embrace whatever comes up for you! Even the tough things, the challenges, are there for your own good!! They are coming up because it is time!

If you would like to schedule a personal session, you can contact me HERE. Blessings to you as you navigate your journey through this life!!! What an adventure we are on! And it is all good!!

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