Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Message from NCIS

I have been getting messages from Spirit via movies and television for years.

When my daughter was a child, my most common means of receiving messages from Spirit was through the Disney movies that I took her to see. But that is another story.

So I will give a little bit of background so this message makes some sense.

Lately I have been really studying on marketing. My second book is about finished and I want to do a better job of marketing it and myself. I have signed up for every free marketing seminar and email list and have been reading ecourses on marketing.. everything I can get my hands on.

So much so that hubby love complained the other day that I was on the computer for five hours and I guess he was feeling a little left out. Other things have been taking a back burner to this obsession with reading everything I can get my hands on and doing worksheets and self analysis on everything imaginable.

So last night hubby love and I were able to catch the last few minutes of one of our favorite television shows, NCIS. The end of the show came and in the last scene the new girl on the show is hitting balls at one of those batting cages. She is missing all the balls that are thrown at her.

Mark Harmon's character walks up behind her and tells her she is trying too hard. Instead of going after the ball, she should try just relaxing and letting the ball come to her. Connect with the ball.  It is all about timing, I think he said.

Mind you, I am not a sports aficionado. Yes, I do realize that my last blog was a message from Spirit based on the game of baseball. I have not missed the synchronicity of the two back to back messages.

Well, Spirit, I had to reply. This suggestion goes against every marketing strategy I have been reading. I have to go for the gusto. I have to promote myself. I have to .... etc etc..

Now I am not saying that Spirit is telling me that everything that I am reading is horse shit.

Sometimes you just have to go against what all the experts say and do what Spirit says.

What does this have to do with me? you may be asking me..

Yes, we should go after what we want. If we want to lose ten pounds, we have to go to the gym, stop eating junk, drink more water, etc etc. However, if we see ourselves as fat, we will never lose the weight no matter what we do. Losing ten pounds is probably 90% what we think and 10% what we do.

It is the same with whatever you are trying to manifest into your life.

I remember when I first got attuned to Reiki. Reiki is a healing energy that is passed from a master to a student through an attunement. I thought I would feel different. I thought I would get "hot hands" like I was told I would get. I didn't. I was worried that it didn't "work": that I didn't get the attunement, because I didn't feel any different. Not so much different from when I was a child and I got "born again," and I was worried that it didn't "take" because I didn't feel anything.

So eventually I just started using the Reiki as if I got it, and after awhile, I felt the energy in my hands. My hands never did get "hot", but now I do get sensations when the Reiki turns on. However, that did not come right away. I had to use the Reiki first, and then the feelings came later.

My  point is that sometimes you just have to let the ball come to you.

Is there something you have been trying to manifest? Perhaps a better job, a relationship, maybe even a connection with one of your guides. You have been trying and trying, but to no avail. Nothing seems to be happening no matter what you do.

Let me encourage you right now to stop trying so hard!!

Let the ball come to you!!

I am hearing from Spirit that there are  many of you who are trying so hard to grow spiritually. You go to every class, go to sessions, go to healers, to every workshop you can find, and you are not seeing the results you would like. You want to wake up one morning and instantly be able to sense the thoughts and feelings of everyone around you and hear Angels talking to you or perhaps even see one standing at the foot of your bed when you wake up!!

Spirit is saying, cut yourself some slack!! One day when you are not "trying" to connect with Spirit, you will get the most amazing connection ever! Maybe at first you will not recognize it because that was too easy! Or maybe that amazing prompt from Spirit came in the form of a message through a television show!

Just for today, Relax!!  Go soak in a tub, or take a walk. Hug a child, go shopping. Stop thinking so much. Everything is going to be all right!!

Most of the time, guidance from Spirit comes when we least expect it. I have come to expect the unexpected when it comes to Divine Guidance. When I am trying too hard, the answers elude me. When I surrender, the guidance comes knocking on my door, or greeting me through the television set.

Remember, if you would like some help discovering your path or finding the healing to your soul that you have been seeking, feel free to contact me! We can chat a bit and discover what your soul has been longing to tell you!  

We can set up a skype call, a telephone chat, or an email session, or, if you live in the immediate vicinity of my home town, Winchester, Virginia, we can get together in person. I also do private sessions once a month in Leesburg Virginia. You can connect with me here.

Blessings to you as you relax and allow Spirit to toss that ball in your direction! 


  1. Hi Joy, I en-joyed this message today. I look forward to reading more of your spiritual wisdom. I love the coincidences! Have a great day! Phyllis

    1. I am so glad you stopped by, Phyllis! Thanks for visiting! Blessings!

  2. I must confess when I saw the title of your blog post on the blog hop I felt myself hesitating to visit it. First, I rarely watch TV, so I did not know what NCIS meant; then I was suspicious of an institution (or what I thought NCIS was) bringing a message through a blog. Ha ha Luckily, I have been trying to be aware of mind tricks and insisted on hopping here! Not to be disappointed at all! Great post, and I am glad you have 'the Watcher' with you while watching TV; and by that I do not mean your "hubby love". :) Nice awareness to be able to catch messages from TV when what it really tries to do is to distract you so it can infuse people with other types of messages...
    Thanks for sharing!

  3. Thanks for hopping by, Thereza! Ha it is interesting you call the source of my messages the Watcher. Years ago when I asked them they told me I could call them the Watchers. Thanks for overcoming your hesitations! I am glad you enjoyed the post!