Monday, August 20, 2012

Letting Go of Anger

Today I received some words of wisdom for a client dealing with some anger issues, and the words that came forth came from a higher place, so I thought them worth repeating.

Some people seem to walk through life always angry about something. Someone cut them off in traffic. That dang mail man gave their mail to the neighbor again. Their significant other won't pick up after himself or herself. Their boss deliberately gave the position they wanted to someone else. Or something.

The most important thing to remember is that on a subconscious level, we create our life. We create all the experiences we call life. If we don't like what we have created, then it is up to us to create something different. We can't always choose all the experiences we have in life. Obviously we don't choose to be raped, or robbed, or laid off from work, or experience an illness or a death in the family. But we choose how we react to those events. Anger is a natural response that it is necessary to work through. However, this is not what I am talking about. There are some who just seem to be angry all the time.

When we walk around in a pool of anger, even if the anger is justified, those to whom we are projecting our anger can feel those feelings even if they are not in our presence when we are expressing our feelings. Even if we never say a word but are thinking angry thoughts, those thoughts are projected onto the object of our anger and on a soul level, they know. We almost perpetuate the actions of those individuals. We are creating in our minds the experience before it happens. We are expecting the object of our anger to behave in a way that justifies our feelings. Even if on a conscious level the person knows nothing of our feelings, on a soul level they know.

The Angels told me that our souls feel things that our minds have no way of knowing. When we get angry, or have any type of negative feelings about an individual, that person's soul hears and feels those emotions. It is almost as if we have cast a spell on that individual and they have no choice but to respond in a way that we expect them to respond. It is time now to change the spell we are casting!!

Instead of focusing on the events or actions that make us angry, think instead about living in a happy environment and all the people in our lives complementing that environment. Create in your mind that all your interactions with others are peaceful, and expect that to be the case. You could even think of the person with whom you are in a primary relationship and recreate in your mind all the things that attracted you to them in the first place. Was it their smell, their smile, the way you felt when they walked into the room? Think about those things. You might expect to come home from work and see the house picked up or the laundry done, you might expect the mailman to deliver all the mail correctly, you might expect that every interaction you have is a pleasant one. This is not living in a fantasy world. This is creating the life you desire!!

Here is a profound statement. Energy follows thought. What are you thinking about? Are the majority of your thoughts filled with worries, or anger, or fear? Do you stay awake at night thinking about what will you do if this occurs or that occurs or do you repeat over and over in your mind all the things that make you angry? How many times do you repeat either in your mind or out loud to others stories that make you feel justified in your anger? It is time to stop all that!! Stop repeating stories of  injustices!!

Imagine instead that the emotions you feel are audible and that the people to whom you are projecting your emotions can feel and hear those emotions. What messages are you sending them? The amazing thing is, this is exactly what is happening!! Their souls do hear and feel what you are projecting. When you change what you are sending out, then the energy that comes back to you is obligated to change as well. It is time to change the silent messages we send out every day. Decide today to change you thoughts and your feelings and your expectations and your life is obligated to change.

Yes I know this is an old message, but one worth repeating. Let us reinvent ourselves and our lives by changing our thoughts and our words. Let us send out the energy of love, and expect that energy to come back to us. Let us be the change we wish to experience.

Just for today, decide to let go of one grudge, one thought of anger or worry or fear. Let go of one resentment, one wound. If we all do that, the world suddenly becomes a little brighter. There is one less grudge, one less insult, one less resentment. And we feel better. And isn't that what it is all about?

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