Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Red Lights Don't Necessarily Mean Stop

A while back I was out running and I ran into Jesus. Not literally, mind you. If you have read any of my previous blogs you know that I frequently connect with Higher Beings when I am exercising. I wasn't intending on connecting with Him, but I was made aware of His presence when I got to that place during my run when my mind is out of the way and my spirit is cognizant of the world beyond this one. It is my belief that the unseen world is not millions of miles away, but just beyond our ability to physically see and sense it. There is a thin veil that separates us from the multitude of presences that are not in body, and this particular time it was Jesus who intercepted me.

At that particular interaction He reminded me from where I came and how much my thinking had changed in the past few years. I had gone from a traditional Christian viewpoint to now a much more expanded one and there were several messages that He gave me at that time which I felt needed to be put in print. I had published a few of the messages into blogs but was trying to compile the rest into what I thought was to become my second book.

Here it is several months later and it seemed that I had come to an impasse. I was unsure of how much to reveal in my story of how I got here from there and wondered if I should even be writing it. I had felt after this contact from Jesus that day during my run that He had wanted me to expound upon some of the information He had given me that day.This weekend was to be my writing weekend, since my husband was out of town and I should be facing several hours of quiet time. The material was struggling to come forth in written form. While I was struggling with the story, I got a message for my blog which I took time away from the writing of the book to publish. I was amazed at how the message had just flowed through my fingertips and what a difference from the struggling I had been facing with the book.

I remembered a message I had gotten a couple of weeks back as I was driving from one side of town to the other. I was headed to my husband's place of business and I had been instructed by Spirit that if a traffic light was red I was to take the alternate route. There were several ways to go to my destination and it seemed that every time I was faced with a red traffic light, there was an alternative. I could turn a different way and keep moving forward. The message I had gotten that day was that if I hit a red light, then I was to take an alternate route. I was told by Spirit that I would always have an alternative if I came up against an obstacle to moving forward.

I am one who believes that if faced with a closed door, then another door must be open somewhere. I do not believe that my path forward is engraved in stone or that there is only one way forward. The message that I have gotten is that if something isn't working, then something needs to be changed. I am therefore putting the book to rest until Spirit gives me the go ahead or shows me an alternative way to spread the message.

My message from Spirit for today is that there are others out there who are struggling with what they felt like was their instructions from the Spirit realm. They have been trying to put into action what they felt at the time was direct instructions from Source on their best plan of action. Sometimes we may feel like we have been led by Spirit in a particular direction and then the path seems to disappear from view or be overcome by obstacles. Spirit says not to have your path set in stone. Be willing to change your direction if the way forward continues to elude you.

There is a story in the Bible about Abraham and how he felt like he was led by God to sacrifice his son Isaac on the alter. Isaac represented to him God's promise of a nation that would be born of his seed and Isaac was that seed. Then God told him to kill his son. On his way to obey what he felt was the instruction from God, an alternative plan from God emerged. This story could be a parable of how sometimes what we feel like is direct instructions from God may not be exactly what we thought or that there may be an alternate plan that comes forward after we have moved forward with the original plan. The message is... be willing to change your course of action if the original course of action is not working.

One lesson I have learned in my study of Shamanism is that one of the ways to get stuck on your path is to think that there is only one way forward. Be willing to have your plans change. This represents flexibility.

Just for today, think about how something you have been working on has not been bearing fruit or moving forward. Think of an alternative plan of action and take a step in that direction. Sometimes a closed door may mean that there is a better way. Let us all be open to a change in plans. This year is a year of changes. What you think is your best path may be open to change. Let us all move forward in the way that is best for all concerned.

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