Sunday, August 12, 2012

Some Random Thoughts

Sometimes I get a message and it might be a few days or a few months or even a few years until I know what it means. I am not so sure of myself that I think I have the corner on intuitive wisdom. I am just a channel for the messages. I can only relay the information I am given.

Some messages I have been given I had no idea at the time what they meant. Once I was given the message that I had a helmet on my head which prevented me from hearing from Spirit. This was given to me probably thirteen years ago. I am just now realizing how true this was. It was necessary that the helmet be in place so that I could experience those things that I needed to go through for the growth of my soul so that I could be where I am now at this point in my life.

Take heart if you are going through a time when you feel your Angels and Guides have deserted you. They have not. There must be something you need to experience that you would benefit from that you may not experience if your Angels and Guides were close at hand directing your steps. Sometimes you will not feel Spirit around you for awhile so that you will know that when you are hearing from Spirit that it is not just your imagination. I hear this all the time.

"How do I know that what I am hearing is not just my imagination?"

Okay. Just for kicks. Try making something up. I know for myself when I try I come up blank. When I come up blank then I know. When I am hearing I am not just making it up. My imagination is not that good.

Once I had an appointment with a client for the following day and the night before the appointment I had this very vivid dream of the client and I was sure what the direction for our session together would be like. Guess what. She cancelled. Never think you have all the answers. You don't.

All I can ask of Spirit is that I be a clear channel for Spirit to come through to minister to the person for whom I am helping. When I get out of the way then I am at my best.

Never think you know more than someone else.

 Sometimes I get my best messages from people who have no intention of giving me a message in the first place. It may be the person who is in the next aisle in the grocery store who happens to be talking about something I am thinking about. It may be a song on the radio. Never discount a message if you think it is a message. Just write it down. Days or weeks or months or years later you will pick up that piece of paper you wrote it on and it will be just what you need right now.

Always thank the Angels and Guides out loud when you get something you asked for. Always give gifts in return for the kindness of the Angels. Today I gave a fly a gift for not bothering me while I ate my dinner outside. No form of life is too small to appreciate kindness. Intention is the key. Every blade of grass and every form of life can feel our thoughts and intentions. Do no harm.

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