Saturday, August 4, 2012

Ants and Jesus

This is a bit of a humorous story to illustrate how our friends in the animal kingdom often come to relay messages to us.

About a week or so ago I came into our kitchen to the sight of an army of ants marching across my kitchen counter. A couple of years ago we had engaged in warfare with the ant kingdom and lost. We were forced, after an unsuccessful attempt to contact the soul of the Ant and negotiate, to call an exterminator. After that, we had only seen them on occasion outside. It seems that they had returned. My husband sprayed some sort of spray and rid the kitchen counter for the time being, but I knew that we had tried that before and they just returned with a vengeance. So I decided to try again to communicate with them.

I will mention that I have had success communicating with the animal kingdom in the past. I was able to negotiate with the squirrels to stop eating my tulips. I telepathically communicated with a mommy cat who had either had kittens under our shed or moved them there from somewhere else, and convinced her to move them again. I frequently communicate with my ally the Crow. But the Ant has always been resistant to my efforts. This time I tried a different approach.

I asked the Oversoul of the Ant kingdom if there was a particular message it was trying to communicate to me. Ants represent community and working together. They also represent moving forward on a project, and the warnings against laziness. They also speak of planning ahead. In this particular case I felt the Ant was telling me to move forward on the projects that Spirit had been leading me to do, and not to procrastinate. I have begun to hold classes in my home on spiritual subjects, and this speaks of community and the need to work together with others. I thanked the Ant for the message and asked them to please move their projects outside. I told them I would give them a gift in return. I took the jar of honey that they had located on the counter and poured the contents outside in the garden, thanking the Ant for the message and inviting them to partake of the honey outside of the walls of my home. I also told the Fairies and any others of the animal kingdom that they could share the honey with the Ant as long as it was okay with them. No more ants have appeared in the house!! Success!!

But this is not the end of the story. A few days later I had a dream of ants crawling up the basement walls. Although we don't have a basement I thought this may be symbolic: possibly relating to something hidden or underneath or subconscious? Maybe.

The next day an interesting thing happened. I was at work at the Post Office when I was privileged to wait on a street preacher. I had waited on him before and we exchanged pleasantries. He left but then came back in and told me that for some reason he felt he had a message from the Lord for me. He told me that he had had an experience that he wanted to share. He told me that he was in his basement the other day when he came upon an army of ants crawling up the wall of his basement!! He felt like it was a message from the Lord and had gone to the Bible to look up any references to ants. He had found a verse in Proverbs that speaks of the ant and its message of working hard and not being lazy. He told me that he would pray for me and he asked me to pray for him. At first I was puzzled and was unsure of the meaning of the message. I am not of the opinion that I am lazy or need to be encouraged to work hard.

The next morning I was out on my run and decided to send out a "prayer" for this street preacher. Normally I just pray for whatever a person's highest and best good is that it will be done. I felt the presence of Jesus and he told me not to judge this man because his beliefs were different from mine. He told me that he has a special place in Jesus' heart and that he loves him very much. I realized that working together in community means that we love all our brothers and sisters, not just the ones we agree with. I deliver messages from Spirit and so does this man. He is dearly loved by Jesus and who am I to think that my beliefs are any more evolved or spiritual than his?

It is easy to be tempted to judge someone because their interpretation of spiritual laws is different from our own. Our news the past few days has been full of the Chick-Fil-A incident, and I have friends on both sides, some who flocked to the Chick-Fil-A and some who boycotted it. The message I received from the spirit of the Ant and from Jesus was that I am not to judge someone who is different from me or whose beliefs do not match mine. We are all loved by our Creator.

Thanks to the Spirit of the Ant for the message and thanks to Jesus for explaining its significance. May we all love one another, even as Christ loved us and gave himself up for us... ( that is somewhere in the Bible...if I remember correctly)....

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