Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Soul Loss

Anytime someone says I have never been the same since a certain event and they don’t mean this in a good way soul loss has probably occurred. ~ Sandra Ingerman 
Soul loss is when you give away or lose a piece of yourself, or your soul. This often occurs at traumatic events such as the loss or ending of a relationship, an accident, an illness, the death of a loved one. At some point in time a part of yourself detached from the rest of you and either stayed with someone else or went into the non physical world and became trapped there.
Often soul loss occurs when an important relationship does not continue or does not occur the way you would prefer it to occur. Many times we give parts of our soul away to people or even animals that we love. When that object of our love either dies or ends the relationship, we lose that part of our soul. It is so important to have all the pieces to our soul in order to be a healthy, functioning human being. The idea that we are incomplete without that other person in our life is completely unhealthy!! In order to have and maintain positive, healthy relationships, it is so important to retrieve all the pieces of ourselves which over the years we have lost or given away. 
It is also possible for a part of our soul to be stolen by someone when they desire a relationship with us in a way that is not healthy or reciprocated. If you constantly find yourself thinking about someone with whom you do not have a healthy relationship, then that person probably has a piece of your soul or  you have a piece of theirs. 
I have found pieces of souls also attached to locations. If a traumatic event occurred in a location, then it is very possibly that someone lost a part of their soul that has gotten stuck in a location. Also, if there is a place that someone really loved, then it is also possible their soul stayed there. Often hauntings happen because pieces of souls have remained in a particular location. It doesn't always mean that there is a spirit that has not crossed over. It could be the soul of someone who has crossed who left a piece of themselves behind or it could be a piece of a soul who is still alive!! 
If you feel you have lost a part of your soul or that someone has knowingly or unknowingly stolen a part of your soul, you can get it back!! If you know who has it, it is not difficult to contact that person's soul and ask for it back. If you need help doing this, I often do sessions to retrieve lost pieces of souls. Many times they do not realize that they have given a piece of themselves away or that they are not whole. 
Here are some signs that soul loss has occurred or that someone may have a part of you that you need back:
You feel like sometimes you are not all there, like part of you is somewhere else.
You find yourself thinking about someone constantly with whom you may or may not have frequent contact.
Inability to stay present
Feeling fuzzy or detached from everyday life
Now if you have any of these symptoms, it does not necessarily mean you have soul loss, but it is a possibility. It is important that you have and maintain all the parts of your soul so you can live a full and rewarding life. Once I even recovered some soul parts for a client who later told me that the scenes I saw in my meditation did not occur until two years later!! It appears that I did a soul retrieval in advance of the soul loss. This is a concept that is difficult to understand but when the events actually occurred, then she remembered the soul retrieval and was grateful that the Universe knew in advance what she would one day need. It also tells us that when we are in a session with a healer and we do not understand the things that come up,just wait. In time we may understand the significance.
You can start the healing process by contacting me or a shamanic practitioner who will recover these lost pieces of your soul. Or if you are a seasoned meditator, it is possible to recover parts of yourself on your own. 
It just makes sense that in these times we need to be whole in order to experience our lives to the fullest and be at peace. Let us look outside of our realm of understanding and reach for the best possible life we can achieve. 
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  1. This yr I left a really violent and mentally abusive relationship after 3 yrs. Once I left, I was greatful to God for removing me from this life of darkness. I was raised in a born again home and I knew it was not the will of God to allow another human to steal my joy (light). I began to notice a spiritual disconnect. If I escaped my darkness, why cant I connect with my spirit the way I need to? I now understand after reading your blog, some of my soul either remains in that old apartment where I was abused or remains with the man that abused me. Since reading this, I can now focus and commit to getting those lost pieces of my soul back. Through prayer and tarot I find guidence. I hope one day I can be a whole again and live everyday of this life in light! Thank you.

  2. Lightseeker.. I am so glad you have escaped your own personal hell and are on your road to recovery. I am glad the blog helped. Let me know if I can help in any other way!!