Tuesday, July 31, 2012


This message is about relationships. Recently my Guides have been encouraging me to work on my second book, and there are some parts in the book that I want to include but I am hesitant due to the sensitive nature of some of the material.

I had a friend years ago. She was in my estimation the best friend I had ever had in my life up to that point in time. I remember the day she first walked into the church that I attended. She came in and sat with her family in the row in front of the one in which I was sitting. There was something magnetic about her energy. I knew from the first moment I wanted to know who she was.

It turned out that she was a person who heard and received messages from Spirit. In the church I attended we called them prophecies. Up until that time my gift was either nonexistent or dormant. She woke up that part of me that listened to Spirit and gave and received messages. She became my best friend and mentor. We had what I would call a somewhat tumultuous relationship. I imagine at that time in my life I was a difficult person. She always told me that I was the person who she could depend upon to tell her the truth, no matter how painful the truth was. In other words, I had no tact. Some of the messages I received were difficult for others to receive. I challenged everyone and everything. I had not learned the lessons of acceptance and tolerance yet.

Anyway my friendship with this woman was at times difficult. She saw me through my personal demons at the time. The last time I saw her she was in a minor car accident on the way to visit and the vehicle she collided with happened to be a Postal truck. To me this was a sign that we would once again collide. And I never saw her again.

The reason I tell this story is because all of us in our lives have relationships with people that are important to our soul's growth but at some point in time it becomes difficult to maintain this relationship for one reason or another. Many times we are hesitant to let go of these relationships. However, our souls are on a mission. In this lifetime we have many roads to travel and many lessons to learn. Along the path we tend to find relationships with those who are on a similar path. Our vibrations are similar and this is what attracts us to certain people and away from others. But at some point we grow and they grow in a different direction and Spirit knows that our souls need to learn lessons and have experiences that do not include one another. And so we may move away from each other or we may have a fight or a disagreement. Spirit finds a way to separate our souls. Today Spirit wants you to know that it is okay.

Over the years I have had many relationships that fed my soul and then it seemed that I didn't have any contact with that person for a very long time or it seemed that circumstances took us in different directions. I often would wonder what happened. Spirit has let me know that when our energies change, so do our relationships. We may find it hard to tolerate an individual who we once adored. It is so important in our day to day relationships with others to honor the soul of the other person as they work out their own journey and, if it is necessary, send their soul love as they move away from us in one form or another.

For this reason I have become hesitant to use the word "forever" when talking about a relationship. My husband and I are very close but we have been at odds at my unwillingness to say "forever" when speaking of our commitment to one another. To me, this was a condition I could not commit to. Who knows what paths our souls may take in this life or the next and I wanted to allow my husband and myself the freedom to walk the path that was in our highest good, without the burden of a promise he or I could not keep.

Eventually, however, he won me over when he explained that love was not a chain holding us to one another but instead a gift we gave one another. In whatever form our relationship takes, he said, I will love you forever. This I could commit to.

So to my friend from the past who I credit with awakening within me my gift, although it lay dormant for many years after our friendship had ended and was once again reawakened by another gifted individual, I say, thank you. And to all the other people who have walked in and out of my life, I am grateful for the imprints you have left and the gifts you have given me. And to all those relationships who currently mean the world to me, I say, yes, I will love you forever. For love has no chains or bonds, but it is a freedom to be who you are and for me to be who I am, and for this I am grateful.

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