Thursday, May 31, 2012

The Blank Page

I have been getting a recurring message from the Angels the last few days that I know is for me but I thought it worth sharing because I am sure there are those out there who have dreams and goals that have not yet been realized and sometimes it is easy to get discouraged when those dreams seem to take their sweet time coming to pass. Also there are others who delay starting their dreams or goals because they want to make sure that what they are thinking of doing is in their highest path and they are waiting for some sort of sign to begin.

I am one of those who love to get signs from the Higher Realms telling me I am on the right path. Sometimes I make my affirmations somewhat vague in case the Angels have something else in mind for me or the things I desire to do are not in my best and highest plan. Recently I was a little early for work and I was sitting in my car waiting to go inside and I decided to play my little game with the Angels I like to play. I like to pick up a random book and open up and whatever page falls open and whatever paragraph my eyes fall upon is my message from the Angels. I have to trust the Angels to direct my focus to something in particular and I have to sometimes interpret what I happen to open up to.

This particular morning I tried three times and I kept opening up to a blank page. After the third try it occurred to me that the blank page was the message.

The Angels told me, "Your life is a blank page in a book. You are the writer. Stop waiting for us. We enjoy helping you but we are not going to tell you what to do. We will be glad to help you in whatever you decide. We nudge you toward a certain path. But that path was installed inside of your soul before you were even born so the thing you are meant to do is what your heart cries to do anyway."

In other words, if you are in the habit of seeking guidance from a spiritual adviser who tells you that the Higher Powers are giving you orders or telling you what kind of house to buy or what kind of car to drive, think again. Your perfect job, your perfect house, your perfect mate, is out there. Heaven and earth will move to bring you to what is meant for you. But They will never give you a direct order. I heard a "prophet" one time say that God told him if he did not give a message to a particular person that He (God) was going to kill him. No I don't think so. Now God may have really wanted that person to get the message and maybe that was the only way he could get the guy to give the message but I don't think the guy would have died had he decided not to give the message. God would have just found someone else to give the message. What does this mean for you? Yes, the Angels want you to have all the things you want. But the book is blank. You are the writer. You get to decide. God and the Angels are not going to do it for you. They are not going to tell you what to do. They may inspire you, They will certainly help you, but They are not going to tell you what to do. You get to decide.

So I wrote this message down in my journal and went about my day. A few days later I was listening to a teaching on manifesting and this particular teacher said that the first step in manifesting is being specific in what you decide you want. (Yes I already knew that) No, don't wait for the Angels tell you.. now is the time to begin. You decide. You say what you want and form that intention and send it like an arrow into the Universe. The message was reminded to me this morning when once again I got to work a little early and opened my journal and this page was the page it opened up to. The page about the blank page. And then immediately the song "Unwritten" by Natasha Bedingfield came on. This is a wonderful song about creating the life you dream of and there is a particular line in the song that  says "staring at the blank page before you...." This is the line that she happened to jump out at me as I contemplated my previous entry about the blank page. I would post the entirety of the words to this song because it is so profound but I am worried about copyrights and all that.

The gist of the message I am trying to portray is that your life is a blank page and you get to write on it all the things you want your life to be about. Don't allow your life to run you. The Angels told me that most people live their lives on default. They just flow along and allow life to happen to them instead of directing the course of their lives and writing their lives themselves on that blank page before them. 

Don't worry. The Angels won't mind if you change directions mid course after you start on a particular path. They would rather you just start on a path. Course correction is allowed. Just do something.

I will end this message with a saying that has been on my wall for years. My husband picked it out and it is one of his favorites. It is a quote by Bruce Lee.. it goes like this..

It is not enough to know.. one must also apply.

Stop spinning your wheels and make your dreams a reality. Do something every day to move one step toward your goal. Or maybe you just need to decide what your goal is. In any event, let's get busy.

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