Monday, May 21, 2012

Solar Eclipse

Some of you may have noticed that May has been a quiet month for me. I wouldn't say that the Angels have been completely silent but the messages that have come have not seem to been able to make it to written form. I am not sure completely of the reason. I have read that the recent solar eclipse may have been a sort of spiritual experience and that those of us who are here to bring love and light to the planet may have been experiencing a sort of electrical upgrade, so to speak. You know how your smart phone or your computer acts sometimes if you do not periodically reboot it? Just in the same way sometimes our bodies, minds, and spirits need a reboot. The symptoms named for this spiritual reboot process was excessive fatigue, feeling out of sorts, foggy, sleeplessness or perhaps needing to sleep more than usual, and muscle soreness. I don't always buy into all the things I read, but this one seemed to have syncronized with some of the things I had been feeling. I was blaming it on my age and peri- menopause, but after doing some self reiki, and some meditations, I did feel somewhat better.

After sharing this with a couple of friends, it occurred to me that not every one had read the things I had read about the eclipse, so I thought it may be worth sharing. If you have been feeling the before mentioned symptoms, take heart. Maybe your personal wiring is just in need of a reboot. What to do? Just rest. It will pass. If it doesn't, then I am not telling you to not seek medical advice. Self reiki has seemed to do the trick for me, so if you are in need of a reiki session, do not hesitate to contact myself or a reiki practitioner near you for some healing energy.

In the meantime, take advantage of the new moon and solar eclipse energy. It's affects are supposed to be favorable for manifesting your desires in a greater way for the next day or two, so if you are in the habit of doing ritual or praying to your Higher Power, now is the time to put out those intentions!! In the circles of those who access the power of the stars and planets, the new moon is the time to set intentions and the full moon is the time to release those things you no longer need. Light a candle or whatever brings you to your spiritual place, and say out loud those intentions!! The power of the universe is there to help.

I was driving home yesterday from an event with friends and was contemplating what I wanted to create.  It occurred to me that the only real thing I want is to be of service to the Higher Realms and to the planet. I have gone through the times when I wanted to create a job, or a relationship, or money, or those types of things and now I am in the place where I am comfortable in those areas. All I want is to be of service. Yes, I would like to come to the place where I did not have to juggle my job at the Post Office with my spiritual work, but for now I am okay with that. I just want a clearer connection and more ways to serve. I do know that just sending love to the planet, to every flower, every bird, every blade of grass is being of service. There are things we all can do. We can recycle, we can conserve energy, we can complain less and be more thankful, we can be kind. We can stop fighting with one another and learn to be more accepting of those who are not like us. These are things I can do and we all can do.

Whether or not the solar eclipse really has ushered in a greater energy from the Higher Realms for us to manifest our greatest desires or upgrade our bodies to handle a higher frequency is not important. What is important is whether or not you personally believe that this is a possibility and what you do with the information. If it is true, then light a candle, say a prayer to the Higher Realms, and then go put feet to your prayers. If it is not true, then do the same. What we do with our lives is ultimately the most important thing. Be kind. Do no harm. Love your neighbor. The rest is just incidental.


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