Thursday, May 24, 2012

Message From A Friend's Mom

Sometimes messages come to me when I am not in a good place for delivering them. Yesterday morning I was at the Post Office working when a friend came in whose mother had recently passed. This friend, like myself, is a bit used to getting visitors that are no longer in body. She, however, was a bit disconcerted because, although she frequently received visits from the other side, her mother, who had passed, had not come to her. She came to me to ask if I could tune in to see if her mom was okay. Immediately I got that rush through my heart chakra that lets me know that someone not in body is in my energy field. I knew it was her mom. But I was at work. I had customers. I told her that I would email her.

A few minutes passed and the familiar feeling of energy around me had not dissipated. I was relieved of my place at the front counter and it just so happened that my friend was still out in the lobby. I was able to go out and tell her a message from her mom, which she was happy to hear.

I remembered my conversation on Sunday with the higher realms. While driving I had made a declaration to the Higher Realms that I wanted to be of service, whether at work or at home or at the grocery store. Sure, I would like to spend my time getting messages and delivering them, but doing this full time was not in the budget and living in the physical world required that I get up and go to work every day. My efforts to generate income doing other than postal work so far has not panned out, so, I said to the Angels, you are just going to have to bring them to me. And They did.

I remember that Jesus was a carpenter and Paul was a tentmaker. Our purpose in life does not always generate enough money so that we can do these things full time like we would like. Living on the earth realm requires that we get up and go to work. It requires that we sometimes spend many hours doing things that do not necessarily make the world a better place or lift the vibration of the planet or even bring healing or love to others. But I am of the belief that sometimes I do not have to do spiritual things to be of service. Maybe I can just be the light. Maybe I can silently send out love and healing energy to whomever might need it who comes through my line at the Post Office. Sometimes I may not feel like my presence is making any difference, but who knows what someone who walks up to my counter may need that day.

If Spirit comes to me with that rush that tells me that there is a message for someone, I am going to do my best to deliver the message without getting fired from my job. When I am not working then I am happy to bring healing energy or messages to those who come to me from their loved ones or their Angels. It seems to me in the past couple of days since the eclipse that my sensitivity has increased. But my Angels told me I have to do what I have already been told to do before they will tell me anything more.

The one thing I have been told to do that I have not yet initiated is that I have been told to have a class once a month at my home for those who want to learn spiritual principles. I will be posting more information on these classes soon. I hope to start in June or July. Check out my facebook page and my website for information.

If you want to be of service to the Universe but are struggling with juggling making a living and being of service, take heart. It does not have to be one thing or the other. We can be spiritual beings and still live in a physical world. If we only made our livings doing spiritual things, then we would not necessarily come in contact with those who really need us. We have to work regular jobs. That is where we are needed.

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