Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Being In the Flow

I am on vacation from the Post Office this week and I decided it would be fun to spend a few days with my two grandchildren. Oh my!! My husband and I have been used to just doing our thing, since our children are grown and there has not been the pitter patter of little feet in our home, except sporadically, for the nine years we have been married. Clay suggested that taking on both grandchildren together might be a challenge for me, since mothering is not my natural skill, but one that I have had to work at over the years, but the faces of those babies just cried out to me and I could not resist bringing them both home for four days.

Well the Capricorn in me likes to plan out every second and I was trying to juggle my normal routine with the unpredictability of children. How am I going to get in my meditation time? How am I going to water the plants, get in my exercise routine, etc etc? The Angels kept saying, "just go with the flow."

I am used to managing just about every second of my day for days and even weeks in advance. I plan Thanksgiving dinner as soon as Labor Day is over. I am asking my husband what he wants for dinner soon after breakfast. I am really working toward at least a half hour every day of meditation time, and I exercise five to six days a week. Then the little ones come to visit and my schedule is out the window. And still the Angels say, "just go with the flow."

What I learned is this. If I didn't get my plants watered and my morning run in before 9 am, sometime during the day I did have the opportunity to work it in. Last evening I put the little one in the stroller and covered her up and went outside and ran my usual run, only pushing a stroller. I got my meditation in during the morning cartoons. I even had some time to play with the mountain of pictures I have taken in the three days they have been here.

One of the principles of manifesting your desires is learning to go with the flow. Let go of control. Don't think everything you plan has to manifest exactly the way you think it has to. Yes, have a goal, but be open to a change in direction. Control is one of the ways that dreams get stifled. So yes, having the grandchildren has been joy, not without exhaustion, and not without my spiritual lesson from the Angels.

Message from the Angels to me and whomever else may need to hear this: let go of control. Go with the flow.

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