Monday, May 28, 2012

Message From a Movie.......

I mentioned in past blogs that I used to frequently get messages from movies. I guess the reason this doesn't happen as much as it did years ago is because I don't see movies as much anymore. But this weekend my husband wanted to experience a 3D movie so we decided to go see Men In Black 3. Now I will admit that I probably wouldn't have gone to see this movie on my own but he did take me to see Johnny Depp a couple of weeks ago so I kind of owed him one.

Anyway it was a delightful movie to my surprise although we were not really impressed with the 3D effects. And it was not without some spiritual insights, although the average person attending the movie may have missed the two messages that screamed out to me.

The first message (if you would call it that) is the concept of time. The Angels have long told me that time does not exist except in our world and that all of our lifetimes actually exist simultaneously and not necessarily one right after the other. This is a hard concept for me to realize and so normally I let it alone. I do remember one time going to a client's house where her son was about nine I think and was seeing a small boy coming and going and he frequently hid under the boy's bed and played pranks on him and frequently irritated the boy. The woman had called me to find out who the little boy was and what she could do to ease her son's experience of him. When I tuned in to Spirit I was told that the little boy was in fact the same little boy in an alternate lifetime who was bleeding through into this one. That was a little to deep for me.  I didn't understand how this could be possible. But I related what I was hearing and I connected with the little boy and sent him back to his own lifetime. From that time forward the boy never saw the other little boy or sensed his presence.

But I digress. In the movie there is a man who has invented time travel and frequently in the movie is relating alternate endings to the same event. I have watched documentaries in which this theory is explained how it could actually be possible and in my shamanic work in which I enter alternate states of reality to recover lost pieces of clients souls I have come across this possibility. My Guides have told me that when I am able to recover lost pieces of souls that sometimes are stuck in other lifetimes that both lifetimes are affected. Those who work in hypnosis and other fields of the mind will also agree that this sometimes occurs. I have also come across this in doing reiki for clients. I will come across an attachment of some sort and find that it has attached in some other dimension of time that I do not understand. My Guides tell me that when I am able to change the memory of an event the person's whole life experience will change. This may give you the reader an idea of what things might happen in a session. I never know what the Guides may direct me to do but it seems to change everything. Of course it is always up to the receiver of the healing to internalize the healing and move on from that point.

The other message I got from the movie is one sentence this time traveler said. He said.. "Wherever you make the choice of death, then death is always the result." I may not have quoted it exactly how he said it but essentially one of the main characters had gone back in time to kill an enemy in which he had only wounded and incarcerated the first time around. What the time traveler was saying was that there are always consequences to every choice a person makes. If you carry around with you the energy of death, then death will be the result. This makes perfect sense to me. What if you are always angry? You will always run into angry people. What if you are always fearful? You will run right into whatever it is you are afraid of. That is why it is so important to be mindful of your energy. Always be loving, always be compassionate. Every action has an equal and opposite reaction. If you wonder why your life is in the gutter, look at your past actions, reactions, thoughts, attitudes.

The good news is that you can join these two messages together and change the way your future unfolds just by changing your energy. Change the energy of hatred into love and love will be the result. Take a moment and go back into your past and forgive those who have wounded you.  Love those who you have hated. All of the energy of the Universe will change for you when you are able to heal old wounds and send love into the past.

If you need help with this I am always available via my website. You do not have to come to me physically. I have been able to do journeys and recover lost pieces of souls and do this long distance. The non physical world does not understand location and distance. In the meantime, live a life of love.

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