Wednesday, May 11, 2011


Years ago I had a cat I named Blessings. We lived out in the country and I needed a good mouser. Yes she was a blessing to me by keeping the mice out of the house but I so named her so that every time I called out for her in the spirit realm I would be calling in Blessings to my house. Even years ago I realized the power of our words and our intentions.

Sometimes over the years we forget. Recently I was reading a book and in this book I was reminded of speaking blessings over our lives, our circumstances, the people we love and the people we love not so much. Almost every day I call my dad and almost every day before we get off the phone he speaks blessings over me and all the things that affect my life, my family, my job, my home. Sometimes this gets a little tiresome to me, especially if I need to get off the phone, but I forget what my dad has not forgotten. It is important to speak blessings out into the Spirit realm.

What about speaking out blessings toward those who have challenged our sense of well being? How about a difficult boss or a health challenge that has been mis handled by professionals? Would it be better to fight back or to bless? Always bless!! What about a messy divorce or a child custody battle? The answer is the same. Always bless!! Imagine that person with whom you are having difficulty with a bright white light surrounding them and their Angels and Guides with a clear channel going back and forth between them. Imagine love surrounding them. They probably need it more than you think.

Remember when you bless others you can't help but get blessings all over yourself. Your own vibration lifts higher and you feel better than if you are cursing them. Battles are hard to fight if there is no one fighting back.

Just for today, imagine the person you are having the most difficulty with right now. Now imagine a stream of love and light coming down to them from above and washing away any grievances or hurts or angers or fears. How do you feel? You see you can't send out love and light without getting some of it back. Remember that what you focus on grows. Just for today, focus on love. Focus on forgiveness. We are all one in the big picture. No that person who you don't like doesn't have to become your best friend. But at least agree within yourself to be at peace. You will feel so much better.

Remember your words and your thoughts are energy and they create the life you are living. Remember to bless. You will notice a difference.

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