Friday, April 22, 2011

Message While Running

Yesterday morning the weather seemed to cooperate so that I could go out for my run. The weather had been nice the day before so I was somewhat surprised at the chill in the air. The wind picked up while I was out and seemed to be pushing against me as I made my way through the neighborhood. I tried to do my morning meditations as I normally do while I am running, connecting with my Power Animals and Higher Beings of Love and Light as well. It seemed a little more difficult than usual to connect because my attention kept being drawn away when a wind gust would blow against me, making it difficult to move forward.

I was reminded of my previous run when the weather had been a little warmer and the wind was not so relentless. It had been so easy to connect with Spirit and I felt I could have kept running for hours. This was not that day.

Immediately my message from Spirit was that it was important to keep moving forward no matter what the conditions around me happened to be. Sometimes the wind would be blowing against me, sometimes it would be pushing me along. Some days the moving forward would be easy, sometimes difficult. Sometimes I would be running, sometimes walking, perhaps sometimes crawling, but I was to keep moving. As long as I kept my focus clear, my Helpers would always be there to assist me in my endeavors.

As I ran, I thanked the wind for the resistance it offered, for it would make me a stronger runner. It would make the days of running in not so unfavorable conditions more enjoyable and it would make me appreciate those days more. I thanked the sun for shining so that I could enjoy running outside. I thanked the earth for allowing me to run upon its belly and the sky above me for its limitless abundance. I thanked the grass and the trees for giving me the fragrance of spring to enjoy and the beautiful scenery to savor as I ran past them, with no particular destination except for eventually back home.

Just for today, think about what in your life is offering you the wind resistance I just spoke of. It could be a difficult boss, an illness, a relationship difficulty, or a financial obstacle. Thank the resistant situation for the opportunity to make you stronger. Keep moving forward. Sometimes you will walk, sometimes you will run, but always be forging ahead. That's what life is all about.

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