Saturday, May 14, 2011

The Portraits of the Presidents

In the recent past I was given a rare opportunity to tour the White House. Now I have really never been really politically active, but I have an awareness of what goes on in the government. It was interesting to see some of the rooms that I have seen on television, where there are news conferences and where dignitaries are known to walk the floors and carry on the business of running the country and making history.

I was particularly intrigued by the portraits of the Presidents and First Ladies. Some of them I was familiar with and some I was not. I could almost feel the energy of their personalities coming out through the portraits hanging on the walls of the White House.   It was interesting to me that I seemed to be able to connect with their souls by connecting with their portraits hanging on the walls.

I guess the portrait that spoke to me the most was the portrait of Ronald Reagan. Now I can't really say that I have an opinion of his administration one way or the other. Maybe he could sense that I was completely unopinionated and that is why he spoke to me. Or perhaps he sensed that I could hear him.. who knows.  However, as I passed his portrait his eyes seemed to grab me. I attempted to walk on by, and I could hear him saying, hey, where are you going? Come back here! So I walked back over to the portrait and I seemed to connect with his spirit. Across from him was a portrait of John F Kennedy, so the first thing I asked him was if many of the spirits of Presidents who have passed hung out in the White House and if they had learned to tolerate each other or if they had heated discussions. I heard President Reagan kind of chuckle and say that they often came around to visit from the other side and sometimes they bantered each other and sometimes they just compared notes. President Reagan told me that some of his happiest memories of his life were in the White House and that he tremendously enjoyed being President.  However, he did tell me that the way time is constructed they could all be in the White House at the same time and sometimes not even run into each other.

After talking a bit to President Reagan, I did try to connect with the portrait across from him, the one of John F Kennedy. No success. Not even a smidge of energy came to me. Interesting. However, I did feel a great deal of female presence while I was there and felt really connected to some of the portraits of the First Ladies. My time was limited, but sometime I may feel compelled to do a little more investigating on the lives of some of the First Ladies. I noticed that I felt a concentrated headache in a certain area of the White House and would like to find out if one of the First Ladies suffered from headaches. I am sure with all the pressure that possibly many of them did. I did learn recently however that headaches that come and go seemingly within seconds indicates the presence of spirits. It could be that I was not picking up on a spirit that suffered from headaches but rather just the presence of a spirit that was attempting to make contact.

The thought that sometimes a piece of our soul stays with a picture of us is not a new one. I am thinking that our souls are much more multi demensional than we can imagine. I know that when I am asleep my soul wanders to other worlds and has great adventures. I can imagine that once we pass on that we can travel to many places, perhaps simultaneously. It is not beyond my comprehension that just because I was communicating with a part of Ronald Reagan's soul that another part of him could have been somewhere else.

The world of Spirit never ceases to amaze me. Thanks, President Reagan, for taking time to interact with me.

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