Tuesday, May 31, 2011

The Pack of Coyotes

A few nights ago I had a dream. I dreamed I was in my house getting ready to go on a journey. As I looked outside there was a pack of coyotes in my yard preventing me from leaving my house. As I contemplated how I would leave my house, within a few minutes someone came and rounded up the coyotes, putting them on leashes so that they could not prevent me from going wherever I was planning to go. I noticed there was one coyote in particular that was not put on a leash right away. He wandered over to the screen door where I was standing watching what was going on and his eyes met mine. Immediately I loved this particular coyote. I contemplated keeping him and bringing him into the house, but before I could open the door, those that were rounding up the animals came over and got him and took him away. I felt sad that he was leaving, but I knew it was for my own good. I knew that now it was safe for me to leave my house and embark on my journey.

Most of the time dreams that we dream are personal and the meanings are relevant only to the dreamer. Sometimes, however, there are lessons in our dreams that can be shared with others. When I get a dream like this I feel is important to share. Sometimes others may benefit from the particular messages that I sometimes get from my dreams.

In this case I have been contemplating what beliefs, long stored up into my subconscious,could be limiting me or holding me back from achieving my soul purpose. In the dream, my message was that the Angels are rounding up all the limiting beliefs and removing them so that I can move forward on the journey for which I am about to undertake. I have expressed a desire to the Universe to move forward and whatever obstacles remain in my path for them to be removed.

Notice that I do not interpret the coyotes to represent any particular people or circumstances in my life outside of myself. The only thing that holds me back from achieving my purpose in life is myself. By giving power to people or circumstances outside of my self, I am giving away my personal power. So the coyotes must represent something within myself.

The trick is that there is at least one obstacle to my moving forward that I apparently have become attached to. But, with my permission, the Angels are removing even that which I would like to keep if it is hindering my progress.As I think back on the dream I can remember the eyes of that coyote meeting mine and how I loved him. I wanted to bring him in the house and tell the Angels that they could have all the other animals but I was keeping this one. But before I could speak the Angels rounded him up too and took him away. I felt sad at the loss of this animal. But I knew that now I could embark upon my journey.

Sometimes the things we love the most are some of the things that keep us from achieving our purpose in life. Remember again that these are things within ourselves. These are limiting beliefs.

Just for today, think about what beliefs you may hold within yourself that could be holding you back from achieving your highest purpose or embarking upon your highest path. Could it be that you believe that you cannot possibly achieve that which is your heart's desire because... (you fill in the blanks). Just for today, let's ask the Angels to round up all those limiting beliefs and take them away so that you can open up the screen door to your life and come outside!! 

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