Sunday, May 22, 2011

The Tunnel at Paw Paw

Today my husband and I took a road trip to Paw Paw West Virginia. I love nature and I love to hike, and my husband loves to go places where there might be some spirits that are no longer in body, so this was a place we could both find what we were looking for. In Paw Paw there is a tunnel that was built in the mid 1800's. It is long and very dark. It looks like a place where the dead might hang out. We were not to be disappointed.

I had not read any of the signage before entering the tunnel so I was not aware of the time period in which the tunnel was built. When we first got to the tunnel there were not any other people (live ones anyway) walking through so we took some time to try to see if there were any spirits around. After a few minutes I connected with a young man, around nineteen, he told me. He told me that his left hand had been injured and that he had lost a finger on his left hand from a large hammer- like tool coming down onto his knuckles. Clay asked him what year it was and I heard 1846. I wasn't quite sure though so I did not speak it out loud (sometimes I am not sure). I asked if he stayed in the tunnel a lot and he told me he wandered around a lot but seemed to come to the tunnel frequently. So I did ask him wouldn't he like to cross over and he seemed to indicate that he was afraid. I asked the Angels to bring his mother to greet him and asked what her name was. He told me his mother's name was Elsie (the same as my mother). After a few minutes I did feel that he crossed over.

I was able to connect with two other souls in the tunnel and helped to cross them over as well. On the way back I felt I connected with the Spirit of the Tunnel. He told me that He would have preferred if I had asked His permission to connect with the souls there. I apologized of course and thanked him for not interfering with the crossing over of the souls there. He told me that there was a portal close by and many souls came and went through the tunnel. He told me that next time I came if I asked him he would bring the souls to me.

Later as we were walking we passed a couple who mentioned that they had taken a path over the tunnel and had gotten lost but had come upon a place where cool air came up from between the rocks. They said it felt really great sitting on the rocks and feeling the cool air come up through the rocks. I thought maybe this was the portal that the Spirit of the Tunnel told me about. Clay said the cool air could be explained scientifically but I maintained that just because it could be explained does not mean there was no portal there. I felt like it was Spirit validating the message I had received.

It was an interesting day and I felt good when I felt the souls crossing over. Sometimes I wonder what keeps them here. The one man I connected with told me that his blood, sweat and tears were in that tunnel. I imagine that when there is a great deal of emotion involved when a person dies, maybe the light is not visible to them. I still have a lot to learn.

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  1. Blood, sweat and tears in the tunnel could mean that he helped build it. Good blog Joy!