Saturday, May 14, 2011

Spirits of the Land

Recently I was made aware of the idea that each geographical locality has its own spirit. I guess I have always felt this in a way but had never heard it expressed in such a way. I know that when I travel to different towns each town or city or area seems to have its own energy, its own feel. I am sure you have traveled to localities where you instantly felt at home, and then, on the other hand, have also traveled to locations where you instantly felt ill at ease. This is the idea that there are spirits of the land for different areas of the earth. The idea that I was made aware of was that it might be a good idea to become acquainted with the spirits that rule the area where you call home.

I have lived in my home with my husband for about eight years now. When my husband and I were looking for a home, we instantly felt welcome in this place. We are blessed with a beautiful backyard and eleven trees, even though we live in a neighborhood and the yard is rather small. Immediately upon moving in, I felt compelled to build a small fish pond and apparently the spirits of the land have accepted us and welcome our energy. However, I have lived in our hometown for almost thirty years and had never really felt compelled to connect with the energy of our town as a whole until I was made aware of this ritual recently.

Not one to pass up an opportunity to connect with Spirit, I immediately felt compelled to connect with the spirit of our town while visiting our local park with my husband. While he wandered off to explore a garden nearby, I had decided to take one last run around the paved trail that was familiar to many avid exercise enthusiasts. While running, I asked if the Spirit of the area would make itself known to me. I was a bit surprised when I was contacted by the spirit of a Native American woman, a shaman, who had lived in this area well before the white men came to town. Our town is known for its history, and especially the time around the Civil War, but she apparently was here long before that time. I asked if I could merge with her spirit for a moment, and feel the energy of the area before the town was inhabited by white men. I felt her connection with the land and her delight in connecting with me.

I asked her if she felt sorrow for how things have turned out and if she missed her life all those many years ago. She just chuckled and reminded me that all of life is like a wheel. The wheel of time goes around and around and so is life. At times things are at the top of that wheel and then time goes on and the wheel goes down. Eventually, she reminded me, it goes back up again. She reminded me not to get too attached to any particular turn of the wheel, for change is inevitable and the wheel keeps on turning.

Sometime, if you feel compelled, you might try connecting with the spirits that have lived on the land you walk or drive on every day. You might be surprised at who shows up.

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