Thursday, May 26, 2011

Communicating with Spirit

Tonight I was driving home from an event and I felt compelled to put in a cd that I had not listened to in awhile. Listening to this particular cd reminded me of a time in my not so recent past when I frequently received messages from songs on the radio. It has been awhile since I received a message this way but I was reminded of other ways that Spirit over the years has chosen to speak to me.

I have written about times in my past when I received messages from movies. I was warned of the true intentions of a person who was supposed to be a friend but had ill intentions from a movie. The cartoon movie, "Toy Story" taught me a lesson in how to be a true leader when I was in charge of a group at church many years ago. It also spoke to me of the importance of having a sense of purpose and the possible implications when that sense of purpose was taken away. Not too long after that my whole world was turned upside down when my sense of purpose was pulled out from under me. I learned how to speak to the souls of those with whom I had unfinished business from the movie The Sixth Sense.

Now Spirit has a myriad of ways in which to speak to us. Driving through a series of green lights that seem to magically turn green just as I arrive at them speak to me of going in the right direction on my path while a series of red lights could signify a need to change direction or perhaps just slow down. The important thing is to listen to that inner voice and make sure I am listening correctly or if I am just trying to fish a message out of an ordinary event. It has occurred to me that the Divine lives within me and the more time I spend just connecting with that Source of guidance, with no expectations, the more I can expect for that guidance to come through when I really need it. The thought occurs to me that when we get a phone call from a friend or family member we recognize their voice because we have spent time with them. It is important to spend time with Spirit so that we recognize the Voice from whom we are expecting to receive guidance and direction.

All of us can learn to receive messages from Spirit. The important thing to realize is that Spirit messages will always be given to us to help us along on our path. Spirit never tries to control us or convince us to do something that is not in the best interests of everyone concerned. Spirit will never try to flatter us or make us feel superior to others or try to get us to hurt anyone. Spirit is never out to get anyone. Spirit never favors one group of people over another.

Remember if you think you are getting messages from Spirit that our ability to hear messages is directly related to the frequency that we hang out in the most. We will most likely hear messages that are similar to our own vibration. If we are in a depressed state or a fearful state we will not likely hear many messages from the Higher Angelic realms because They can't get through to us. However, we are somewhat likely to hear messages from those in spirit that are at a similar frequency to our own emotional state. There are many levels of spirits and their ability to communicate with us is directly related to our state of mind and what we are open to hearing and seeing. If you want to hear messages from the Angels then I recommend that you raise your emotional frequency as high as you can get it. Do things that make you happy. If you are depressed do not attempt to contact the Other Side. Who do you think will get through?

I remember years ago when I was in a low point in my life the only message I would get is..Everything is going to be all right. I rarely got anything else. I was not attempting to contact spirit and if they were trying to contact me this is all that came through. This was the highest message that could get through to me at that time. The more I spent time sitting with Spirit the higher my emotional state became and the clearer the messages came through. We can all choose to raise our vibration, even if we are depressed. Spirit is always there to comfort. Just change your focus off yourself and onto higher thoughts.

Just for today, think about the time when you were the happiest you can remember being in your life. Then focus on how you felt, what you were thinking about. Sit with that feeling for awhile. Then see what comes through. Spirit wants to communicate.

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