Sunday, March 27, 2011

An Interesting Excursion

Recently I accompanied my husband on a paranormal investigation of a house reported to be haunted. I am not normally with him on these investigations, but he invited me and it gave me a chance to connect with a medium he had invited on the investigation.

Anyone who knows me knows that I normally prefer contacting Angels and Spirit Guides rather than "ghosts", but on occasion I will have an experience worth writing about. On this occasion the medium that accompanied us on this investigation, Laine Crosby, had a cast on her foot. At one point I asked her if I could access some healing energy and send it into her foot. I was able to pick up that in two previous lives she had broken the same foot. I saw in one life that she was Native American and while running she had stepped her foot into a trap of some sort and in the other life she was climbing on some rocks near a large body of water and had stepped into a hole between the rocks. The medium was able to see the scenes I described and almost finished my sentences.

This was interesting on its own but later we were in a particular room in the house and she asked me what I was picking up. At that moment my leg began to hurt and I knew that I was being contacted by someone who had hurt his leg. I sensed that he was a farmer of some sort who had fallen off or gotten caught somehow under his tractor. Laine immediately was able to connect and said that he had come because he had seen me sending healing energy into her leg and wanted some similar help. I was able to connect with his energy and send some healing energy. Then I saw a scene of him being sucked backwards out of the room and immediately I then saw him laying in a hospital bed. I became aware that the person I had seen was his soul and that his soul had come for help because his body was not dead, but injured somewhere and laying in a hospital bed.

Of course there is no way to locate this person and find out if he recovered from his accident. I write this because many who like to do paranormal investigations assume that those who they contact are dead. They may also assume their souls are possibly stuck here in the earth realm and have been unable to cross over. This is not always the case. While on this particular investigation I picked up not only on spirits in the house but also the Spirit Guides of some of those who happened to be in the house at the time. Many times when we become aware of paranormal energy what we are actually picking up on is our guides or our loved ones who have passed that may just be checking in on us. I was made aware on this trip of my grandmothers who were looking in on me. I don't remember either of my grandmothers but it appears that they both showed up on this particular occasion just to say hi.

There is a world out there that exists just on the outer edge of our ability to see it. I am sure that some of the intelligent energy wishes to connect with us and some of it does not. If I can be of assistance or if there is a message that needs to be conveyed then I welcome the opportunity to connect. I am sure that my Guides and Angels are always there to keep me safe. It is my belief that if we are walking in the Light of Love, then any entity that is more comfortable in darkness will not bother me.

Thanks to all our Guides and Angels who are always accompanying us and allow us to be in just the right place at the right time to offer assistance to souls in need. I hope the man injured by his tractor is recovering comfortably somewhere in this lifetime, and maybe one day I will learn of his fate. Sending out love and light to all my fellow earth travelers, whether seen or unseen.

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