Monday, April 4, 2011


We are all connected. We human beings are connected to the Source of All that Is, we are connected to the Higher Beings of Love and Light, some call Angels, we are connected to our ancestors who have gone before us. Science teaches us that energy cannot be destroyed, only transformed. The grass beneath our feet is also energy, as are the rocks and the earth and the sea. All the creatures with whom we share the planet also share a deep connection with the human race. We are connected to the planets that circle with us around the sun and with the sun itself. This is why we are affected when the moon is full or the planets are aligned in a particular way.

We can go through life ignoring the connection with all the other forms of energy that are not human, or we can tap into their wisdom and connect with them, finding peace and comfort in their embrace. Who has not felt the comfort of sitting beneath a great tree, or relaxing by a peaceful stream or lake? Many have found the companionship of animals to be as important as their relationships with other humans.

There is a belief among more earth based belief systems that we have companion spirits that follow us through this lifetime who have the energy of the animal kingdom, called our Power Animals. Whether we believe in this phenomenon or not, it is believed that we are watched over by the animal kingdom in spirit form. Most of us can remember as children being fascinated by a particular animal of some kind. That fascination was probably initiated by that animal in spirit form, which had chosen to watch over us for a period of time. Usually the qualities of the animal are qualities with which we were familiar, or with which we felt some sort of connection, although the connection may have been hidden to us at the time.

When I was a child I remember being attracted to swans. I would draw them,make clay models of them, read about them, imagine spending time with them. I think my fascination probably occurred at different time periods, but none the less they were my childhood Power Animals. As an adult I can see the connection. The story of the ugly duckling comes to mind when I think of the swan. As a child I always felt like I didn't belong, much like the baby swan that somehow got raised by a family of ducks. I think my Power Animal the Swan was there to remind me that swans were beautiful animals in their own right, even if they were completely different from all the ducks around them.

Another animal I found interesting as a child was the octopus. I had forgotten this connection until one day I saw a documentary on television about the octopus and I remembered my fascination with them. The documentary listed the octopus as one of the most intelligent creatures of the sea, but one of the most socially inept. That was me as a child. I completely understand the connection. I spent most of my time reading and studying, but had very few friends and had no social life to speak of at all.

As we mature and grow our spirit animals change as we do. We will not keep a power animal from birth until death. We may find a connection with a particular animal, but its influence in our lives will change. Our power animals are there in spirit to protect us and be with us through the changes in our lives. They are there to teach us lessons about ourselves and give us wisdom.

Just for today, contemplate your connections to non human energy that is there to be your companion through this lifetime. It may be a spirit animal, it may be a particular tree or flower. It may be a Saint or a particular Angel. We are surrounded by loving Energy that wishes to connect with us and guide us and protect us. Let us break down the walls of our own limited thinking and open ourselves up to guidance of all kinds from all sources. Remember, we are all connected.

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