Thursday, March 10, 2011


Anyone who has been a regular reader of my blogs may have noticed that the messages have come less frequently lately. Until very recently I had just assumed that my lack of contact from the Other Realms had been due to my increasingly busy lifestyle. I work a full time job, I have a husband and my daughter and her son had moved in for a few months. It seemed the house was full and there was always someone or something needing my attention. I had not established proper boundaries to allow some quiet time for myself in order to maintain my channel to the other side.

About a month ago my daughter married and suddenly there were two less people in the house. I reestablished my exercise routine and once again began meditating. The connection was not immediately reestablished and I began to worry. I still was able to enter the realm of the unconscious during shamanic journeying and rescue a few lost soul parts but even then the effects of the journeys on my clients was not immediately recognizable as before and I worried that I had lost my "mojo".

After a couple of days of covering my house and my soul and my husband's soul with a bubble of light and demanding that any energy that was not of the light be removed, I felt a little better. So this morning I got on my treadmill. If you have read my blogs you know that I most easily connect with the Other Side while exercising. I climbed up the metaphysical stairs into the Higher Realms and knocked on the door. The Gatekeeper was there and I heard him say, "Joy, where have you been?" I replied that I had been trying and trying to get through but it seemed that there was a brick wall between me and the Other Side. He told me that the energies had been very thick lately and I was not the only one who had been having trouble getting through. He told me that I had become distracted with many things and that I had slipped a great distance from the entrance to the Higher Realms. He also told me that when I became alarmed at my inability to connect, it made the connection even more difficult to achieve. All it took was tweaking my frequency like a radio dial, and the connection was reestablished. I asked if the connection was hindered by lower level entities blocking my connection and He told me that when I gave attention to that possibility, then it became an issue. He told me I needed a spiritual bath and welcomed me into the Light. I was led to a large pool of water fed by a huge waterfall. The Angels led me to enter the pool of water and stand directly under the force of the waterfall so that the water fell on my crown chakra and washed all down through my body. I felt the water open my chakras and all debris and hindrances wash away like small stones. At one point a huge boulder seemed to be removed from deep inside me and fall into the pool of water. Then I felt the fire from deep inside Mother Earth come up through my feet and burn out all remaining debris. I emerged from the waterfall refreshed and ecstatic. My low level depression had vanished and I immediately felt if I tried I could probably fly. The Angels brought me back to the physical plane and immediately I was back on the treadmill.

When I came to myself I looked at the numbers on the treadmill and the miles said "2.22". My book of numbers says that the message of the 222 is that all is well and it is okay to relinquish worry over family members. Then I noticed that the number "444" popped onto the display, which is the number that indicates that Angels are nearby. I thanked the Angels for the message and finished my workout.

Later that morning, out of the blue, one of my customers asked me if I had ever heard the song, "Turn the Page" by some famous singer who I can't recall. I had not, but the question was so out of the ordinary and had nothing to do with our conversation, and he said, he didn't know why he just thought of it. I took it as a message from the Universe that a page had turned and all was well.

I share this because I am sure there are others out there who may feel the pressure of the energies of the earth realm. It may feel like the Higher Powers have deserted you and that you are alone. I encourage you to imagine yourself climbing those stairs to the Higher Realms and let the Angels give you a bath. Imagine that water falling inside of you through an "imaginary" opening in the top of your head and washing all that debris out that gets accumulated just from living life on the earth. Imagine that the fire from the center of Mother Earth comes up through your feet and burns out any remaining debris. Be sure to thank the Angels for the bath and notice any messages that come to you that seem out of the ordinary that day.

Today I "turned the page"...can't wait to see what's next.......

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