Sunday, March 13, 2011

Visitors in the Closet

A couple of nights ago I dreamed that I had gone into one of our bedrooms and noticed some movement. Before long I had noticed an Hispanic woman. When she saw me she started to run away but I was able to overcome her. I took her to the door to show her out and noticed that she had a short sleeved top on and felt sorry to throw her out in the cold. After giving her a sweater it became clear to me that there were six visitors in my house. There was the Hispanic woman who spoke no English, then there was a husband and wife, and three other females, who seemed to be together. Other than the fact that they all showed up at my house at the same time, there seemed to be no connection between the group of visitors. One woman seemed to be the spokesperson for the group. I asked her why were they in my house and she replied that they had learned a new way of travel in and out of closets. They had gotten to my house through my closet. I remarked that as full as my closet was I didn't know how they had all fit into my closet. She said that sometimes they came into the basement as well. She explained that they could go in and out of physical locations through entry ways in people's closets.

I remembered reading a book recently which spoke of the doorways to the other realms were often closets, doorways, and hallways. This is why when people catch glimpses of the dead, this is often where they see them. I replied to the woman that they were not welcome in my house and would have to find another house to travel through. In my waking life I mentioned in a previous blog that I had been covering my house, my husband, and myself with bubbles of light and love and forbidding anything other than love or light from inhabiting our spaces. I realize that these people were not of the dark, they were just probably innocent travelers who may have suffered a tragic death simultaneously and happened to find themselves traveling through time and space together. Maybe I should have directed them to the light. I do remember asking them how long they had been in the house and they said they had been there for six weeks. Now I have been told that the dead do not have a very good sense of time, so this may be off. I can't say that I have sensed entities in the house for six weeks because for several weeks my spiritual antennae seemed to be out of kilter.

It had occurred to me in the dream that since the six visitors in the house seemed to be together but not necessarily acquainted with one another, that it was possible that they had all died in some sort of accident that threw them all together, like a bus accident. Later on that evening upon sharing the dream with my husband, I suggested maybe we should do a search on bus accidents. Coincidentally, my husband did find a bus accident that had happened early Saturday morning in New York, which was the same time period I had my dream. I am not sure if it was the same bus accident or not, probably not. They did say they had been in my house for six weeks. They seemed to be traveling to and from different locations through closets.

It is an interesting concept that the dead travel in and out of portals in our closets. I may want to clean up my closet a little bit. I did not realize it was a "bus station" for the dead.

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