Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Dad's New Refrigerator

Tonight while I was speaking with my dad on the phone he told me a story about his new refrigerator. He told me that after his new refrigerator was delivered he had prayed over it and declared that the Angels had watched over it even during its construction in the factory, knowing that eventually it would belong to him. This refrigerator was destined to be his and it would function efficiently and beyond the normal lifespan of a refrigerator. It made me think about how many things touch us in our lives that the Angels watch over, knowing that eventually they will touch our lives. Who but my dad thinks about praying over a refrigerator?

The first part of this story is that his previous refrigerator had stopped functioning and dad prayed over it and it seemingly had begun working again for a period of time. Eventually it was time to replace it. Living on a fixed income and being naturally frugal, he had failed to mention to his daughters that his refrigerator was not functioning. When we found out that he had a nonfuncioning refrigerator in his house, we convinced him that a new refrigerator did not have to be a major expense. I was not expecting to get a lesson in life from the purchase of a new refrigerator, but here it is.

How many of us would think of praying into the past and blessing all those who had a hand in the construction of a new appliance? My dad did. How many of us would send Angels into the past to watch over the construction of an appliance that was now sitting in our kitchen? It spoke to me of the power we actually have over our lives and everything that touches our lives. I have journeyed into the past many times for friends and clients and found lost pieces of their souls stuck in other lifetimes and even stuck in past events in current lives. For some reason I had never thought of journeying into the past to bless an appliance. Now the lesson I learned from this was that even though my dad and I see things a little differently in the way of philosophy and spiritual beliefs, basically we believe the same thing. We both believe that there is an Energy that holds everything together, and that Energy is not limited by time or space. We do hold the power to send loving energy, call it prayer or whatever, into the past and even into the future to change events or the results of events. Can we send prayers into the past and cause events that happened not to happen? I have not reached that level of mastery yet, but I do believe that we can send loving energy into the past and cause the results of events to change. In other words, if something happened in the past that caused a great deal of trauma to someone, we can send healing energy into the past to heal the wounds that were caused by events that occurred. We may not change the actual events, but we can heal the wounds that were a result of the event. When the original trauma heals,the person involved will experience an enormous shift in their current life.

It is a little different praying over an appliance in the past and praying over a living human being with free will. What is the protocol for journeying for a person without their knowledge? I have gotten requests from concerned family members who wish me to do journeys into the past for loved ones. My first attempt was for a young man who was seemingly missing. He had made no contact with his family for a number of months and his family was distraught. I told them I would try but I had never journeyed for someone without their consent. It could go either way. I did a journey and found this young man sleeping in his bed. I saw his soul raise up out of his body and I asked his soul permission to journey for him and retrieve lost pieces of himself. His soul gave me permission. That morning when the young man awoke he contacted his family. This showed me that it is possible to journey for someone as long as I have permission from his soul. However, I have consequently done journeys for other family members and had similar results in my journeys, with no visible results in their waking life. All I can say is that everyone has free will. Even though their souls gave me permission in the non physical realm, if in their conscious life they are not connected with their soul, they may take longer to respond to such treatment.

It is my belief that everything in this life has some sort of consciousness. Even dad's new refrigerator. I am sure in the consciousness of that refrigerator, at some level it knows and appreciates dad's attention to it and its part in his life. Dad's appreciation of it and the interconnectivity of the life of the refrigerator and the everyday life of dad has not gone unnoticed in the non physical realms. It is my belief that just because dad took the time to appreciate and bless his new appliance will go far to extend its life and its efficiency. How many things in our everyday lives could we bless and find that our relationship to it changes? How much more could this extend to our relationships with our loved ones, our pets, our plants?

Thanks, Dad for the valuable lesson. I will never look at my refrigerator the same way again.

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