Monday, March 21, 2011

The Earthquake

I had posted recently that I had a dry spell in which I was not receiving messages. Then the influx of messages returned. I started having some very vivid dreams. In my last blog I posted about a recent dream of visitors that came in through my closet. At first I tried to spiritualize the dream and see if there was a message in it for me. It could represent that I could be receiving guidance from different sources and that they had been trying to make contact for six weeks. In the dream, however, I insisted that they were there uninvited and compelled them to leave. Upon awakening I was contemplating the dream and decided that they were probably actual entities that maybe did not know that they were dead and that possibly there was a portal for the spirits to travel through in my closet. This is often the case. No I did not close the portal in my closet but I asked the Angels to guard it and only allow those in and out that I could help or that meant no harm.

The next night after that I had a dream in which I was in a room with another woman and it seemed to be a waiting room. It had large glass windows in the front of the room which looked out into another room. I don't know what we were waiting for. While we were there the ground began to shake and I immediately knew that we were involved in an earthquake. Now this dream may have been a subconscious reference to the recent events in Japan but I took it as a personal message. In the dream as the ground beneath us shook, all the lights went out and we were in complete darkness, but only for a moment. Inside the room we were in I could hear a backup generator start up and the lights inside the room came back on, but I looked out of the large windows and noticed that the lights had not come back on anywhere else. In the dream I did not converse with the other woman in the room, and I can only guess who she might have been. She may have been my guardian Angel, or she may have been a fellow traveler through this lifetime, but she was not someone I knew.

This message said to me that even though I may find myself in uncertain times, and sometimes I may find myself in a position to feel like the earth underneath my feet is shaking, I could remain calm knowing that my Source has a backup generator, and the lights will never go out for me. Even when all around me is darkness, and I cannot see out from the room I am in into the rest of the world around me, I could know and trust that I will be okay.

This dream unnerved me a bit, because I had received a recent message conveying that I had a challenge coming up in my near future, but that I would be okay. This seemed to be a re-wording of the same message. I guess I write about this because I am sure that there are many of my readers out there who are facing challenges. I want to assure you that as long as you remain connected to your Source, you will be okay. There are all kinds of Benevolent Forces out there looking out for us, giving us back up generators so that we are never in the dark. We may feel as if the ground under our feet is shaking, but remain calm and know that the lights will come back on.

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