Thursday, March 24, 2011

The Angels and the Parking Spot

I want to write a little bit about a technique my Angels recently reminded me of lately that I have been using in the area of relationships. Most of us can say that on occasion we may find ourselves involved with people that we find difficult. If we live in this world we will find that there are those who challenge us. This technique works in those situations but also in various other situations that may seem trivial but important to us.

Sometimes I struggle a bit with the delicate balance between asking my Higher Powers for things that benefit myself but I am not sure if they benefit others around me. My Angels reminded me of this technique the other day when I, of all things, was stopped at a traffic light that seemed to be stuck red. I was close to work and I was asking the Angels for a good parking spot close to the back door of the Post Office. I was reminded of my husband's comment once that if the Angels gave me a good parking spot, then They were taking it away from someone else who might need it worse than me. I have two good legs, why do I need to bother the Angels for a good parking spot? So as I sat at the traffic light for a very LONG time, I might add, I added a condition to my prayer. "Please, Angels, I would like a good parking spot, but not at the expense of anyone else. Whatever is best for everyone concerned." Immediately, the stuck red light turned green! I knew it was a message from the Angels that when we have it in our hearts to harm no one, to ask for whatever benefits others around us, then our prayers are heard and all are blessed!

I remember years ago learning this principle when going through my divorce. It was difficult for everyone and I had decided I was not going to fight for any "stuff". I was content in my little nearly empty apartment and the "stuff" seemed important to my ex, so I signed it all over to him. I confessed every day during the divorce that whatever was best for everyone concerned would manifest. It was still difficult for everyone involved, and I did not take personal responsibility for the way that the other parties handled their side of the argument. I just decided I would not fight.

Years later I remembered this principle. Sitting at a traffic light, waiting for the light to turn green and praying for a parking spot, I remembered. Now I try, in all my dealings with others, to always ask my Source for whatever is most beneficial for everyone concerned. And I think they like that.

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