Tuesday, September 9, 2014

9-9 Thoughts from the Tarot- the Hermit

Today is September 9th. The energy of the full moon is still upon us, and I woke this morning, as I do every morning, at 5 am to prepare to go to work at my part time job at the Post Office. I was thinking about the nines, which in numerology represent endings, completions, and being of service to others. In the tarot the nine card is the hermit, which represents withdrawal and going within to find wisdom.

One of my rituals which I began years ago when I first began studying the tarot, is to draw a card every morning and think about it, look for signs of its meaning in my day, or perhaps see it in someone who I happen to come across in my journey through my day. This morning, I drew this card, the four of cups:

Now some interpret this card to mean withdrawal, being closed off, since the man is sitting with his arms crossed and seemingly ignoring a gift from the Universe. Not me. Every time I get this card, the Universe is telling me that He/She has a gift for me, if only I will take some time to sit and meditate. I like to think that this card and the Hermit card are closely related, because in both cards the underlying message is that there is wisdom to be found from going within oneself and opening up to the wisdom that comes only from quiet contemplation. Cups specifically have to do with relationship, and to me, the relationship to Spirit is the most important one we can have. Sometimes it is so easy to get busy with all the things that life throws our way, or our own agendas and schedules and "to do" lists that we don't take time to connect with Spirit and see what wisdom might come from just sitting quietly and allowing inspiration to come.

The four of cups remind me of the story of the Buddha, who sat underneath a tree until enlightenment came to him. Sometimes the sitting is the hardest part! I tend to fall asleep, or think of everything I need to do, or I am reminded that the fish have not been fed, the laundry has not been done, or some other really important detail that up until now had not entered my mind.

So today I sat. I released each thought as it came to my mind. There will be time to do the laundry. There will be time to write this blog, send out that email, go for a run, and write that wedding ceremony. Right now I am sitting.

The gift the Universe gave me was the knowledge that good things come to those that wait. The day to begin something new is not today. Today is a day to quietly contemplate. To surrender all my plans and ideas to the Universe and be okay with whatever occurs.

Just for today, I encourage you to spend some time in quiet contemplation. Allow the good to manifest in your life before you pick up and try to "make" things happen. Flowers do not bloom before their time. There is a time and a season for everything. If you have tried and tried to manifest something and the answer seems to be just ahead of you, just out of your reach, may I encourage you to take a break. Stop and sit underneath your tree, whatever that means for you, and wait. The Universe is always on time; never early, never late.

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