Saturday, November 8, 2014

Message from the Moon

Last evening I was so blessed to view the beautiful, almost still full moon (it still appears to be full, but the actual full moon was on the 7th this month).  I was driving home from a wedding rehearsal, a two hour drive. When I first saw the moon, it was just beginning to rise over the horizon. It's light seemed almost orange and glowed brightly through the autumn trees far off to my right.

(no, this is not what I saw, but close. I was driving and didn't have my good camera with me. This photo I found here.)

It used to be my custom to sit with the moon at every phase, and the moon would impart to me wisdom and messages from the Spirit world. Lately life has gotten busy, with weddings, readings, events, grandchildren, and, oh, yes, I still work at the Post Office.

But I was blessed with a two hour drive home last evening, and even though it is not recommended to connect with Spirit while you are driving, I am pretty good at it. I will admit that sometimes I miss my turns, but my GPS brings me back to reality when I am busy receiving messages.

I sent a beam of love to the moon, and thanked it for accompanying me on my ride home. I began to contemplate the moon and ask her if there were any messages from the Spirit world for me.

The first word I heard was, "don't be afraid to shine."

Sometimes we humans, especially those of us in the service to Spirit, feel a bit uncomfortable with shining. The moon encouraged me that she was not afraid to shine. She reminded me that her glow was not something that emanated from within herself, but was only a reflection of the light of the sun. She reminded me that any glow that might emanate from me was the same. It was only as I reflected the light of the true source of light, Spirit, that my glow would be genuine and I would appear to shine.

I want to encourage you to shine! 

Anytime we try to shine on our own, without the light of Spirit shining upon us, our efforts will be dim in comparison to the light that comes from within us when Spirit shines through our pores from our time spent in the presence of the Divine.

I am not suggesting to you the way in which you connect with your understanding of the Divine.  It is only through your own personal relationship with that Divine Presence that gives you joy and gives your life spark and meaning that will eventually shine through you to light the world. I am not a proponent of suggesting that there is only one way to connect with that Divine Presence. I have spent the past fifteen to twenty years studying and learning to connect with that Divine Presence in many different ways and with many different faces that reflect that Divine Presence.  I am suggesting that you just simply spend time with the Divine. Your way. Your understanding. 

During those two hours last evening I spent driving, the moon imparted much wisdom to me.  I realized that my own human efforts were pale in the shadow of the light of Spirit. I realized that my job was to spend time in the presence of the Divine. In doing that I would shine without really much effort on my part. Sometimes we get so busy trying to shine we forget that the shining comes from within us. As we are really only a reflection of the light of Spirit, spending time with the Light is the real way to shine.

Just for today, take some time out to connect with Spirit however you enjoy doing that.  You can do that while you are doing laundry, washing dishes, or showering. All you have to do is connect with your heart, and send love to yourself and your understanding of the Divine. Simple. Yet profound.

As you do this, expect miracles!


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