Monday, July 5, 2010

Wondering About the Silence

For the last two weeks since I contracted an illness that left me without a voice and swollen eyes the Voices that normally speak to me on a regular basis have been silent. The sickness went away after a few days but the Silence remained. A few days after the sickness subsided I took a much needed vacation to the beach. I have heard and read that psychic abilities are enhanced by large bodies of water so I was anxious to see if I could reconnect while at the beach. Nothing.

Also within the last two weeks I have submitted many of my blogs into book form which will be published in a few months. It is like a dream come true. I have been visualizing this book for months and working on it nonstop. I was thinking that maybe at the accomplishment of such a large goal, there is a part of me that is thinking, now what could possibly be next? I am wondering if it is not unlike what Christopher Columbus must have felt after he discovered the new world. What could possibly top this? And then the messages stopped.

During this time the only thought that came to me was that possibly there are some things that I have written about which, if read by some people in my past, they might have reason to think that the publishing of such things might not be in their best interests. Is it possible, I thought, that there might be prayers heading in my direction to stop the communications? Is it possible that these possible prayers might be affecting my line of communication? It's a long shot, but I guess it is possible.

I have never used names in relating stories from the past and I don't hold any resentment over anything that has happened in any of my stories. I have the belief that everything that happens to us happens for a reason, and I have learned lessons and gotten stronger from the experiencing of all the things in my past. The only possible reason anyone would want the stories not to be told is fear. Fear of loss of control maybe. My feeling is that probably no one who walks in the circles that I walked in the past would have reason to read my book and so the two paths are not likely to cross.

In any event, I imagined an energy field of light covering me and protecting me from any prayers that may be sent my way to stop my messages from coming through. I also sent a telepathic message to anyone from my past who may not want my stories to be told that I have no intent of exposing anything or causing any harm. I sent them all love and light and wished them all the best in their journey. It is my belief that it doesn't matter what belief system we choose to embrace as long as that belief system brings growth, healing, and comfort. It is when a person's belief system causes grief or fear or harm to ourselves or another that I believe it is time to reconsider what we believe and why. As long as love is our goal and our focus then no harm can come from that.

To all those whose paths have crossed mine during this walk through life, my message for today is that I mean no harm. I wish everyone the best during their journey through life and I hope that each of us learns to love ourselves and one another while we are on this earth and then beyond that as well. That is why we are here. If things happen that cause grief, then let's move beyond these things and choose love. If there is fear that something that I have written may cause someone harm in some way, know that it was never my intent. My stories are written from my perspective and there are always more than one way of looking at things. I also know that what I say is not always what someone hears and I recognize that this may also be the case.

I am reminded of a movie from years ago called The Edge where a millionaire was taken out in the woods by his protege with the intent of killing him so that he could have his wife. Circumstances changed during the movie and the millionaire ended up living and the assistant ended up dying. At the end of the movie the millionaire claimed that the assistant had died saving his life. This movie spoke to me at the time of looking at our obstacles in life in a different way and thanking them for the lessons that they teach us. It also taught me that those who appear to be our friends may not have our best interests at heart, and so I learned to keep my eyes open for false agendas. However, the things in life that we may think are there to cause us harm can turn out to be our greatest teachers.

So after doing this meditation, I feel a weight lifted and the line of communication has returned. There are a lot of things I don't know. I've always believed that it is not possible for prayers to be effective if they are not in the best interests of the person for whom the prayers are directed. Evidently I still have a lot to learn in this area.

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  1. I also believe that prayers are not effective when they cause harm, injury, or upset of any kind to the person on the receiving end of the prayers. I do not believe that God answers misguided prayers, but that He answers those which he chooses, always choosing what the recipient needs. For whatever the reason, there is a 'plan' for all of us and we can only imagine what that plan is all about. If anyone is hurt or fearful of any of the posts you've written, what they should be praying for is strength, wisdom, and guidance in overcoming those fears and apprehensions.