Friday, July 9, 2010

We are All Connected

The past few days I have been thinking about how our thoughts and attitudes towards others affect those people. Years ago I realized that every thought we think is a prayer. We are creating our lives by the thoughts that we think and the Ultimate Creative Force does not differentiate between what we want and what we don't want. It is all energy. But are we affected by the thoughts of others? And can we affect other people by the thoughts that we are thinking?

There seems to be a lot of controversy on this subject. I guess the mainstream of thought would be to say no, I cannot harm another person by wishing it upon them unless that person also has a similar thought frequency and picks up on the energy I am sending out. I guess for the most part this is true, or after my divorce several years ago I would have been found floating in a lake somewhere devoured by flesh eating fish.

However, I also know that if I wait on a customer who walks up to me angry and spouts off to me, even though I am a very happy peaceful person, sometimes it is difficult to reciprocate with love. So on some levels I think our attitudes and energy is communicable. How about if someone is sending attitudes towards us that we don't necessarily know about?

This is where the answer is a little more shady. I asked my Angels this recently due to my lines of communication that seemed to be blocked for reasons unknown to me. I think for most people at most times the person sending out the attitudes or "prayers" towards us is by far more affected than we are, but I still think on some levels, our souls know and can feel it, especially if we are sensitive in the Spirit realm. Recently I had a sharp pain in my back that came and left suddenly. Immediately I heard in my Spirit that I was being stabbed in the back. Was someone talking about me or sending me negative "vibes"? I don't know. Was it my own fear or insecurity? Again I don't know. However, I can't discount the whispers from inside me. I was able to put up my Spiritual wall of defense and imagine a force field of light and love covering me and I sent out waves of love and light to anyone who might have reason to think negatively about me and then went about my business, but I still have lingering thoughts about just how much are we connected?

There are certain people to whom I cannot send out waves of love and light. When I do it seems their energy recognizes where it is coming from and attaches to me, draining my energy. But I can build a force field of energy around me and tell their energy to stay away. Sometimes we have to do this. When we get the feeling like we are being drained or we get feelings that are not our own, it is important to build up those walls of defense. Send out love and light into the Universe and ask that we be safe inside the walls of love. Ask the Source that all energy allowed into our space is full of love and light.

Until I understand more about this, whenever I feel drained or blocked or angry for no reason, I imagine waves of love and light around me. My energy always lifts. If I sense that I am feeling the energy of someone else, I will send that energy out into the Universe to be absorbed by the energy of love. I don't normally send it back to the person who sent it out because evidently they have enough problems if their energy was so bad that I felt the effects of it.

Normally in my day to day walk, I am not affected by the energy of others. If I am comfortable in my own skin, if I am in tune with myself and my energy, I can easily detect if I am being psychically attacked. But sometimes due to sickness or hormones or fatigue, I think it is possible to absorb the thoughts and attitudes or maybe even the unconscious "prayers" of others directed our way. Sometimes it may take some time to realize where the energy is coming from, but if we are in tune with ourselves and have done our spiritual exercises, we can easily protect ourselves from any unwanted energy. It is so important to watch our thoughts and attitudes and always make a commitment to walk in love. Love is the force field that always protects us and keeps us safe.

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