Saturday, July 31, 2010


Recently I have been thinking about who I really am. Why? Well it all has come about since I decided to publish a book containing some of the stories I have posted on my blog and some stories not previously made public. I have had the opportunity to visit the non-physical realms and go on journeys for others who may need assistance in recovering pieces of themselves they had lost or forgotten about. So as these events have transpired, my husband has been creating for me a website where I could offer these services and also promote my book.

And then there comes a point where I have to write something about myself so people will come to understand who I am. And I am stumped.

So I begin to visit other websites and read the "About Me" sections and I realize that most of the people with websites that I have visited have a long list of credentials, who they have studied under or with and maybe what degrees they possess or what gives them the "right" to offer services.

And I don't have any of that. All I have is the messages themselves. And yes, I do have mentors. But I have no degrees and I am not a fifth generation anything. I just get messages and I write them down.

About Me--- I get messages and I write them down. Sometimes I get them while I am running or on the elliptical machine. Sometimes I am asleep. Sometimes I am beating on my drum or listening to drumming. Sometimes I am driving. Sometimes I am at work. Yes I have a regular job.

I guess my message for today is that Spirit talks to regular people like me. No credentials necessary.

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