Monday, July 19, 2010

The Clock

Yesterday my husband Clay and I went to a winery in Haymarket Va. called La Grange. It dates back to around Civil War times and has a lot of history associated with it. The first time we were in attendance we were in the company of a woman who can connect with those who are no longer living and one of her proteges. It was interesting to me as I followed her around that I could feel some of the energies she was describing. She had remarked to my husband that she knew I was sensitive but she didn't want to "out" me.

This time the spirit activity was a lot lighter. I connected with a woman in one of the rooms who "looks out" for the place but other than that I didn't feel any major disturbances. However, in one of the rooms my husband and I were attracted to a very old clock. At first we were not sure whether the clock was an actual antique or a replica but after giving it a closer look, I was convinced it was an actual antique. Of course there is no way to know its history, but I have been practicing with a technique of touching old objects and trying to sense the energy surrounding them and maybe pick up on some message or some history surrounding the object.

I put my hands on the clock and seemed to be whisked back to a period of time in the past where the clock may have been set on a mantle in a large room where there was ball room dancing. Now this may have been reminiscent of an actual event or it may have been the Angels giving me a message through the clock. I observed the people in the room enjoying themselves and dancing about, dressed in clothing dating back to the 1800's. Then the scene changed and I saw the clock fall off the mantle where it sat. This was not an easy task since the clock was quite heavy. I sensed danger and fear in this scene I was being shown. There was much commotion and the energy seemed filled with chaos. There were people running about here and there and it seemed that there may have been gunshots and crying.

The message that I felt the clock was trying to relate to me was that time moves on. I sensed the hands on the clock continuing on their course around the numbers even as the people surrounding the clock were in grave danger and seemed to be running about in fear for their lives. And then the room was empty. There was debris laying about and I saw someone come to the clock laying on the ground and pick it up. They placed it back on the mantle as they cleaned up the debris laying around.

I guess the message that I am trying to relate is this. Time moves on. It doesn't stop when there is a life changing event. When things are good and everyone around is having fun and dancing and laughing, time moves on. And then the hands on the clock continue their course around the circle of time and maybe the next things those hands see is not so pleasant. And time moves on. And maybe something happens in our lives and we think it is the end of time as we know it. Nothing in our lives is ever the same again. And we think that time should stop but it does not. The sun comes up. The sun goes down. The hands on the clock continue on their course around the circle of numbers. And yes I realize that old clocks had to be wound and sometimes no one was there to wind them up and make them work but time did not stop. Eventually someone picked up the old clock. And someone wound it up. But even if no one did, time did not stop.

Our lives are filled with the passing of the clock. Some of the events our clocks witness are happy and filled with laughter and joy. And sometimes time moves on and the passage of time is not so pleasant. But this too will pass. And sometimes there are pieces of our souls that get off the passing of time and stay stuck in a period of our lives. And we don't know or maybe we do. We feel we have lost a piece of ourselves or that time has stopped at a tragedy or a major event. But time did not stop. We did. And it is important to realize that we only have a certain time period in this life to experience all the things we have come here to experience. And if we get off the circle of time at a certain junction then there are things we are missing.

If there are pieces of ourselves that have jumped off the circle of time and have stayed in time periods that were pivotal in our lives, it is important to get those pieces of ourselves back. Time stops for no one.

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