Monday, July 26, 2010

Just Wanna See You Smile

This morning I was on the elliptical machine and I was going through my routine of attempting to contact the Higher Realms while my body was engaged in exercise. Many times I am able to take non physical journeys while my body is busy with other activities. It seems I am especially perceptive while on the elliptical machine, particularly if I have my headphones on with some music with a good beat. Today as I attempted to contact the higher realms, I felt like I was being taken up high in an elevator up into the higher realms and when I got there I saw all my usual companions that often accompany me on my journeys. I asked the Angels who we were journeying for today. Often I journey for people who I come into contact with and recently I had come into contact with several people who I felt might benefit from a journey. I have learned that if I contact their Higher Self in the journey and ask their permission, then I am not crossing any lines as far as sending energy where it has not been requested. This time however, my Guides told me my journey was for me. The music I had on my headphones was particularly upbeat today, and it made me want to dance. So in my journey I began to dance and when I looked around, I was surprised to find my Angels and Guides also dancing. I have many Guides from many different realms, and sometimes it amazes me that they get along so well, despite the fact that they are from different time periods and different realms. My Shaman guide began to dance to the electronica music I was listening to and I remarked to myself that I didn't think that he would be able to relate to such modern music and he just laughed and said that on the Other Side time is not linear like it is here and he did enjoy music from other "time" periods. Then I saw my Angels also join in the dance and even the Ascended Masters began to dance too!! I particularly noticed that Jesus seemed to be having a great time! I hesitated putting this in writing for fear of what some might think who read my blogs but Jesus reprimanded me and said He would not have participated if it was inappropriate. The "place" where we were began to fill up with all kinds of individuals from the past and present and all began to dance. I kind of lost track of time as we all danced and enjoyed this time together. I wondered to myself what kind of healing work I was accomplishing. All I seemed to be doing in this journey was dancing and having fun.

Then towards the end of this particular journey a song came on my headphones and the words just kept repeating.... I just wanna see you smile.... I just wanna see you smile....and I realized that this is what the Higher Realms wanted me to know today. All that matters is that we smile and enjoy our lives and the rest will work itself out. Every day I meet people who need encouragement and healing energy and maybe a message from the Gods. I want to help all these people and give them back parts of themselves that may be missing. In order to do that I must be filled with the love and joy of Higher Realms. Today I think I got my mojo back.......