Saturday, June 12, 2010

Dream of an Old Friend

Last night I had a dream about a friend who I haven't seen in many years. We didn't part on the best of terms, but I always considered her my soul sister. Our relationship was always full of turmoil for one reason or another, and for the most part it was my fault. In my dream I went to visit her at where she lived now, in the present. She looked different, and she had a houseful of kids and grandkids and significant others of her kids. She invited me in, and introduced me to all the people I didn't know. I stayed for a little while, and then I felt that I should not be there so I got up to leave. She said to me, "let me get your shoes." Upon realizing that I had not taken my shoes off when I came in the house, she remarked,"I guess you have changed."

When I woke up I was filled with sadness which took me several hours to overcome. I reflected upon the dream on and off throughout the day. I am convinced that our souls visit one another in our dreams, and that our souls had needed to connect. I have had a few dreams about her over the years and I would wake up realizing that our souls had just come together for a visit. I think the remark about the shoes meant that my visit was a short one and the fact that I left my shoes on meant that I was not staying long. She knew that I had changed because I knew that we both have roads to travel that maybe will not connect again in this lifetime.

I just wanted to write about this dream because in this lifetime we will connect with many people. Some will touch our souls in ways we do not understand. I am sure that we connect with certain people over and over in many lifetimes. Just because a relationship ends in the physical doesn't mean that we will never see a person again. Even if a relationship is strained there are certain lessons we choose to come together to learn.

I just wanted to send out good wishes to my old friend and wish her the best in her life wherever she happens to be in the present.

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  1. this one touches my heart....we all have those who fall by the wayside.