Thursday, June 17, 2010

Dreams and the Grandmothers

Recently I was doing a journey into the non physical realm and I met some Native American older women who I affectionately call “The Grandmothers”. They gave me some gifts and called me a word that I later discovered means “little child”. I have been very grateful for their presence in my life since then and so after having a dream last night I called upon them this morning for some assistance.

In the dream I was going from place to place with a large amount of trash that I was trying to dispose of. Everywhere I went the trash dumpsters were full and so I was wandering around from place to place with a huge amount of waste materials that needed to be dropped off somewhere. I woke up before resolving this dream so this morning on my run I decided to revisit the dream and consciously dump this “waste” that my subconscious evidently was telling me I needed to dispose of.

In my waking dream, I asked for the assistance of my Guides and invited the Grandmothers to join me as I envisioned a large trash dumpster and myself dumping all this trash into it. The Grandmothers suggested that it needed to be burned so that it did not contaminate Mother Earth. I asked the Grandmothers how I had come to obtain all this trash and they said that I was carrying around some baggage from other people that I had picked up here or there and that I needed to release it. It had been dumped on me from other people and it was not mine to carry but that I had picked it up anyway and had been carrying it around. This made perfect sense to me because some days I go to work and I can barely make it through the day because I feel so exhausted.

I guess the reason I decided to write about this is twofold. I am sure that I am not the only person who picks up on other people’s energies and ends up carrying that energy around with them. It is exhausting!! My Grandmothers told me that periodically I need to revisit this place and envision myself dumping all the trash I have collected along the way and letting it go. Mother Earth is there to absorb some of the energy of the waste and when we envision ourselves burning the “trash” energy, so to speak, that energy is being transformed as it is burned up and released to the Spirits of the Air.

The second reason I write about this is to let people know that they can resolve disturbing dreams after they wake up. Whenever I have a dream that stays with me after I have woken up in the morning, I revisit the dream and ask it questions. I ask what lessons it is trying to teach me and if there is a message in it for me or someone else. And then if I was awakened before the end of the dream or if the dream ended badly, I revisit the dream while I am awake and imagine an appropriate ending which results in a peaceful and joyful conclusion to the dream.

I am hopeful that this is helpful for anyone trying to rid themselves of excess “baggage” or if you have had a dream recently that you have carried with you into the morning. Our waking hours are meant to be happy and productive and none of us needs to carry over the effects of the things that occur to us while our souls are visiting other planes as our bodies rest.

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  1. This does make perfect sense to me too; I've had far too many years feeling exhausted even when young with no apparent reason. Now I know; thank you.