Tuesday, November 17, 2009


The past week or so I have been feeling blocked in terms of my creativity. A difficult week at work last week did not help my situation. The two may have been related. I seemed to be unable to meditate, and even while on the elliptical machine or running, I was receiving no inspiration. I had been looking forward to November 11, who many said was a high spiritual day. Off from work due to this day also being Veterans Day, I spent much of my time attempting to meditate and spend some time with Spirit. It seemed like the walls around me were too heavy for any communications with Spirit to come through. All I wanted to do is sleep.

Even sleep did not come easy for me. Worried about a computer challenge at work, one night I lay awake all night trying to figure out how I should have solved the problem. I had even expressed to a few choice friends that I thought something about me was making some electronic equipment fail to do their job properly.

Today while doing my exercise routine, it has occurred to me that challenges are to our spirits what weights are to our muscles. I notice that when I do the same kind of exercise routine for awhile, my muscles adapt and the workout becomes easy, therefore ineffective. I have to continually challenge myself and change my routine to continue to see results. It is the same with our spirits. If we coast through our lives with no challenges, our spirits become weak. I still believe that our thoughts create our reality, however, I do not believe that I intentionally created a computer malfunction or a creativity block. Maybe my Higher Self realized that at some point in the future, I was going to need to know how to handle a computer challenge, and the best way to learn is to experience one. And the best way to be sure that my messages I receive are indeed messages from an Unseen Realm, is not to get anything for awhile.

I heard someone say one time that if you think you are running into a wall, step back and look up. It may be that instead of a wall, it is a huge step and you are just running into the riser of the step. Maybe you are getting ready to step into something really big.

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