Saturday, January 4, 2014

Message from the Tarot - Ten of Pentacles

In anticipation for a three part series of classes on the cards of the tarot, I thought I would post a few messages based on the cards prior to the class.

The cards of the tarot have been used for divination for thousands of years. There are well established and time proven symbolism in the cards, and then there is always personal symbolism that Spirit uses to give messages on an individual basis using the same cards.

When I first was led by Spirit to study the cards, I was taught the intuitive way, which to me is much easier. The goddess Isis came to me while in meditation and told me that she was going to teach me to read the cards. I didn't know who Isis was at the time, and I didn't know if she even knew anything about the cards. She has been with me ever since, giving me guidance and direction when I am using the cards.

When I choose a card, I like to look at the picture first and see what jumps out at me.

Today I have chosen the Ten of Pentacles.

In this picture there are pentacles, or coins, seemingly floating in the air around the scene of what appears to be a family. There is an elderly man, two dogs, a man, a woman and a child. Around there seems to be prosperity.  The older man seems to me to be wearing ornate robes, signifying wealth or prominence. He is petting his adoring dogs, and looking on at what I see as the next couple of generations engaged in conversation.

What jumps out at me at first glance are the pentacles, or coins, hanging out in the air around the picture. This signifies to me that there is money, wealth, or prosperity of some kind in the very air that these people are breathing. This does not necessarily mean that these people are rich, but it could be the case. To me this means that this family or grouping of individuals is full of prosperity. Prosperity could mean wealth, or it could mean that these people are rich with love, rich with knowledge, with happiness, or even spiritual wisdom. The man seems to be passing on to the next generation the wisdom and wealth he has accumulated.

Of course the personal meaning of this card is dependent on the person drawing the card and the particular question that person has in mind when connecting with this card, but this is a wonderful card. It signifies that someone has reached the point in their life where they have achieved a sort of status or satisfaction in their life to the point where they are ready to hand the baton to the next generation. The older man is sitting in satisfaction of all he has accumulated, and is ready to pass his knowledge and his wealth over to his family or the next of kin.

Are you the person who has reached the point in your life where you are ready to give back? Are you grateful to the Universe for all you have received, and are eager to pass the baton on the next generation? This card may be for  you.

Perhaps you are the man or the woman or even the child in the picture. This card could signify an inheritance coming your way, or perhaps a generous relative or benefactor coming to pass on to you wealth of some kind. It may not be money. It may be knowledge. It may be that you will get a job from someone who is retiring or moving on.

Depending on the intention of your heart and your question posed of the cards, this card could have various meanings, but this is a good card. Either you are in a position to pass on your knowledge or wealth or some valuable commodity to the next generation, or you are about to be the recipient of such a benefactor. Look around you.

I read this the other day and it resonates with this card.

What you are ready for will come.


Are you ready?

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My take on this card for today is that even the air that we breathe is dripping with treasure! We only have to notice it, and accept the riches that lie within it.  If we realize that the treasure really lies within our souls, then it will begin to dawn on us that anything we desire is completely within our reach. It is as close as the air around us and it truly dwells within us.

Just for today, notice the treasure that lies around you: in your family, the wisdom of your elders, your children, and the legacy that has been passed down throughout the generations. If your heritage seems less than bountiful, take heart! We all have benefactors, possibly not blood relatives, but mentors and teachers that have been and are available if we only notice them! The treasure truly lies within us and all around us! We are so blessed!

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Blessings to you as you navigate your path through this adventure we call life!

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