Monday, January 6, 2014

Today's Message From the Tarot - Four of Pentacles

What do you think of when you see this card?

The obvious first thing you notice is that this man is holding on to his money.

In this particular version of the card this man looks a bit solemn, don't you think?

The sky is blue all around and the town that is shown in the background seems quiet. There is no apparent conflicts going on other than the one within his own mind.

As you have probably guessed, this card is all about money, and holding on to money. The man is holding on to what is his. Obviously this man has some sort of authority as he is wearing a crown of some sort but it looks like thoughts about money are hanging over his head. He holds his money close to his heart as well as under his feet. He is obviously not a destitute man, but perhaps the worries of money or finances of some sort have him in  a quandary. Perhaps he is wondering how to invest his money or is afraid of losing his money.

To me the symbolism of having coins or pentacles under his feet is talking about this man's path in life. Perhaps he is considering a new job or line of work. The decision has him at a standstill.

Perhaps someone has asked Spirit how they should be investing their money or whether or not they should venture out on a new line of employment. If you have asked Spirit any of these questions and happen to draw this card, perhaps you should hold your own for the time being. Don't make any rash decisions. Hold your ground. Don't go out on any spending sprees.

If you are considering moving money from one investment to another, then perhaps you should wait on that. Spirit is saying don't make any big moves in the area of finances right now.

This card does not indicate that there is financial ruin in your future. The sky is blue and the background is peaceful. Just don't make any rash moves.

It could indicate that you hold money a little too dear to your heart and the worry of it is hanging over your head. If this is the case, perhaps you should inquire what to do to rectify this situation.

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