Sunday, January 5, 2014

Message for the Day from the Tarot - King of Wands

I guess I am not really surprised I drew this card today.

It is Sunday and my hubby love has had an obsession today with clearing the house of clutter and getting organized. (this is a good thing but not what I had in mind for today.)

This card depicts masculine energy at its finest: sitting on the throne, looking out upon an unknown scenery: his wand (which represents ideas, inspiration, creativity,) is budding and is firmly in his hand and resting on the ground in front of him. He is one who is truly in control. He has ideas in front of him.

There are a couple of interesting tidbits I notice here. One is the lizard on the ground in front of him, seemingly looking in the same direction as the king. What are they looking at?

Lizards, surprisingly enough, are symbolic of psychic awareness. They are small, but quick and hard to catch. I think the lizard is representing that sometimes the king might get so caught up in his grand ideas that he may have a tendency to alienate those around him. But he has a keen sense of what is really going on behind the scenes that other people may miss. His ideas come and go quickly and it is sometimes hard to keep up with him.

Do you know anyone like this? Is someone in your life coming up with a lot of great ideas and getting annoyed that you are not exactly on the same page as he is all the time? The king of wands may show up for you if you know someone like this, or if perhaps you are someone like this.

Just for today, think about the other people who may reside at your "castle". They may have ideas also and they may not exactly line up with yours. Be gentle with the other people in your life and present your ideas with tact and don't get annoyed when everything doesn't flow always like clockwork.

If the king of wands is someone else in your life, do what I do. I try to lay aside my agendas for a bit and help him with his. Eventually everything calms down and you can get back to what you were doing. Compromise is sometimes the name of the game. One day you may need him to get on board with your agenda and hopefully he will return the favor.

That being said, ridding the house of clutter is a good idea, and so now I think it is time to get on board with hubby love and get the energy in the house moving!

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  1. Ahh, compromise! Thank you, King of Wands, for the reminder. And thank you, Joy!

    Love and light,