Saturday, November 30, 2013

Command Your Blessings!!

I have to admit this is not an original, straight from Source, message. But it is an important one and one that has been rolling over and over in my brain for a day or two now.

I am always engaged in multiple projects. Right now it seems that the Universe has cleared my schedule so I can focus my attention in other areas. In January I will be teaching a class on the second level of Reiki, so I have been preparing for that class. In addition, I recently got my writing muse back and have started writing my second book, chronicling my journey through life thus far. In doing this I have had to go into my spiritual basement, so to speak, and relive some things from my past. I had a dream the other night that the walking dead were in my basement, and yes, although I know it may have been a result of watching the show, I also realized that I was delving into the deep recesses of my past to bring back to life some things that I have attempted to let die but which were crying out for resolution.

But this is not the subject of this blog. In doing a bit of research for my book, I went onto the website of a popular television evangelist to see if his message was the same now as it was when I was first exposed to his teachings at the ripe age of seventeen. I am now fifty and I have to say that he and his wife still look the same and are still preaching the same message.

I believe that messages from Spirit transcend time and space, and belief systems. I have the utmost respect for this man, and I clicked on a link to a particular message on his site. The message was about our commanded blessings.

What are commanded blessings? They are blessings we bring into our lives by commanding them in.

It is a universal principle that the thoughts we think and the words we speak have power in our lives. Louise Hay, the transformational genius that is the author of many books on self empowerment and has the largest new age publishing house that I am aware of, taught me the principle that what you focus on grows.

While taking a short break from my writing, I happened upon this blog from my favorite astrologist talking about how this weekend is apparently a really big opportunity for us to ask for what we want from our highest Source.

So, when I get a nudging from two or three different sources or one that keeps me awake at night and won't go away, I tend to take notice. This is that message.

What do you need? Do you need a new job, a new car, a new relationship? If you could ask God, or your Highest Source, whatever you call Him or Her for anything, what would it be? Maybe it is more enlightenment, or something that there is no pricetag on. Maybe it is inner peace. (we bring world peace by first finding peace within ourselves.) This weekend is the weekend to ask for what you want. And don't just ask.. command! No it is not arrogant to command your blessings! Some think that we should humble ourselves and never presume to command our higher powers anything. Hogwash!

If a particular desire is in line with your soul's purpose for this lifetime, it is completely within your rights to command it!! Our words have power and create that which comes out of them!!

What do you think happens when you say, "I quit!" All of the Angels and Higher Powers stop what they were doing to bring you your blessings and say, "hold it, legions of Angels. She just quit. Let's go back to heaven until she decides what she wants and sticks to her guns!"

The world of spirit is listening while you decide what you are going to command. If you say, "bad things always happen to me." you are commanding bad things to happen to you. Why not change that around and say, "wonderful things always happen to me!!" Do you see the emotion that rises up within you when you change your words?

Just for today, command those blessings! Get up and dance a jig because you are so excited that those things you have need of are approved and on their way!! Get excited! You have an audience with the Higher Realms this weekend. I am not saying that this is only going to work this weekend, but why not take advantage of the configuration of the stars and declare what you want to manifest?

I don't believe that the commanded blessings are only for a select group of people, which differentiates me from the television evangelist. We don't have to be born again to reap the blessing. We just have to believe that the blessings are ours for the taking!!

So how should you go about commanding your blessings? Find a ritual that speaks to you! It could be as simple as shouting it out to the Universe! "I command my new job to present itself!" (or whatever). You could light a candle and write your blessing on a piece of paper and burn the piece of paper, setting your intention that your request is being sent up to the Universe via the elements of fire, smoke and air. You could write your intention down and put on some funky music and dance around it! (I used to do this with my checkbook. I would place my checkbook on the floor and dance around it, commanding money to appear in my account!)

Connect with Spirit in whatever way is your custom and place your request. Believe that your request has been heard and the answer is on its way to you! In this way you are commanding your blessings!

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